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Yacht Interior Refurbishment

Introducing Yacht Interior Refurbishment. Looking to buy a yacht? Refurbishing an exiting yacht means you can have:

  • more yacht
  • for less money!

But the process can be complex. This is where we can help.

From searches to viewings, to full project management, we can find out all the answers for you.

So why buy a brand-new yacht? When you can have a BIGGER and CHEAPER brand-newly refurbished yacht.

Yacht Interior Refurbishment Contact Form

Fill out the contact form and tell us what size yacht you are looking at and its location. Or send an email to:

From a few hundred pounds to very large budgets, no job is too big or too small.

For a list of services we offer, see the bottom of the page. But please get in touch if you need help with something that is not listed.



Find The Best Yacht In Europe

Yacht dealers have a tendency to highlight the positives, and leave out the negatives, of any yacht they think someone is interested in.

“Yacht Interior Appraisals” will give you a thorough HONEST and OPEN critique of a yacht’s interior. And what yacht interior refurbishment is needed.

“I was happy to let Yacht Interior Appraisals view 20 yachts for me, then just report back the best three.” — Jane Williams

Buying A New Yacht VS Refurbishing An Existing Yacht

Buying New — the many hidden costs

Clearly a brand new yacht, means a yacht from the production line. But often these “brand new” yachts will have been dealer display or demo models. Or may have been on display in boat shows and had many hundreds of people walking on them.

  • COST — obviously there is a huge premium for buying new.
  • TAX — only the first private owner has to pay the tax due on a new yacht. E.g. UK VAT = +20%
  • DEPRECIATION — furthermore the first owner of any yacht will, of course, take the biggest depreciation hit.
  • OPTIONS — no one ever pays the ticket price for a new yacht. Options are expensive.
  • TIME — waiting lists and construction times can mean waiting years for delivery.
  • TRANSPORT COSTS — it’s unlikely your yacht will be constructed where you want to use it. Delivery costs are very expensive.


Yacht Interior Refurbishment — brand new interior design

Refurbishing a yacht can mean taking an existing yacht and completely updating and replacing all interior design elements. This means you are still getting an entirely new looking yacht. But one with a lot of benefits.

  • CONDITION — once your yacht is completely refurbished with new carpets, sofas, furniture etc. It will effectively feel brand new.
  • COST — buy an existing yacht and refurbishing it, will still be vastly cheaper than buying new.
  • TAX — if you buy from a private owner, they will have already paid the tax due. This is a huge saving alone.
  • OPTIONS — optional extras from the original owner now become a free bonus.
  • SIZE — huge savings mean you can buy a bigger yacht.
  • TIME — refurbishing a yacht will always be faster than waiting lists and building.
  • TRANSPORT COSTS — additional savings can be made by buying and refurbishing close to your final destination.

Yacht Interior Refurbishment

We can help with every aspect of refurbishing a yacht.

From searches to viewings, to finding craftsmen, to full interior design makeovers.

Whatever you need, we can help.

Our team includes award-winning yacht interior designers.

Help With Yacht Interior Refurbishment?

Send Us To View Yachts

Get an independent review of the yacht you like

Finding a great yacht to refurbish can be a challenge. You can’t waste your time going to view dozens of yachts, to find a few great candidates.

We can go and view and yacht, take dozens of high quality photos and give you an HONEST and INDEPENDENT appraisal of a yacht’s interior. And the work that needs to be done to bring it back to immaculate condition.


Yacht Interior Appraisal Report

Full interior appraisal with recommendations

We are only interested in bringing yachts back to — “Immaculate condition.”

We will examine every angle and facet of a yacht’s interior, in the most minute detail. From scratches to wear and tear. to scuffs, watermarks to larger interior damage.

We will present you with a full, honest and open report of what we recommend to be replaced, what can be repaired and what simply needs a deep clean.


Let Us Find Skilled Local Craftsmen

We can do the leg work finding suppliers

If you need a sofa reupholstering, a carpet replacing, scratch repairs or small jobs, we can help find skilled craftsmen near your yacht.

You can follow this up yourself, or we can help project manage the work for you. And remove all the stress from refurbishing your yacht.


Find A Yacht Interior Designer

We know who is good in the industry

For more comprehensive projects we can research and recommend local interior designers.

Again you can follow this up yourself or we can act as a go-between and manage the designer on your behalf and project manage the implementation of the design.

Let us be your critical eye on the work site.


We Can Project Manage Your Work

We are on your side and we get things done

Having someone on your team, on site, is the answer to getting a fantastic result when refurbishing your yacht.

We can project manage any work and refurbishment on your yacht. Making sure our incredibly high standards are maintained.


More Support?

Contact us if you need any other yacht related support or help.

Over the years we have collected our own proprietary database of contacts. Covering all aspects of Yacht Interior Refurbishment.


  • Manufacturers
  • Dealers
  • Designers
  • Craftspeople
  • Events planning
  • Staff and recruitment
  • Odd or special requests

Many of these contacts are not even on the internet.


Social Media

Whether you want to share you ideas and progress with your friends and family. Or want to receive easier updates.

We can use social media to keep you totally up-to-date with any progress. We can also update you through email or project management software.

Yacht Interior Refurbishment List Of Services

We can help you any of the following services you may need when looking to refurbish a yacht. But please contact us if you need help with something that is not on the list.

Yacht Interior Refurbishment Services include:

  • Yacht searches
  • Dealer contact and enquiries
  • Yacht viewings and appraisals
  • Full detailed yacht interior reports
  • Recommendations to return yacht to immaculate
  • Quote collection from local craftspeople
  • Interior designer contacts
  • Project management
  • Champagne popping!
  • Contact us for support or help with any other yacht related problem

Finally to read more about new yacht interiors visit our main site.