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Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design Details Are Beautiful

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design

Introducing the Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design. Firstly, the Sunseeker 68 Sport is already an impressive yacht when you look at the statistics. 71 feet, three cabins and 45 knots. However, I’m not sure why it’s not called the 71. I’m guessing this is the length with the pulpit and the hull is actually 68 feet. This modesty shines through in the beautiful interior design.

I love that sliding roof. Furthermore, the side windows on this specific yacht are probably one of the best implementations of this new styling feature we have seen yet. But as amazing as the exterior design looks, Sunseeker have not stopped there. The exterior look of this yacht means it really does feel dominating wherever it sits or powers through. Is it only me who thinks it is almost intimidating looking. With those windows almost styled like teeth on a hungry shark.

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design Exterior Shot

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design

Is this by chance? Not likely. Sunseeker’s designer’s are amongst the best in the business now. And with a name like Predator, if the Sunseeker 68’s exterior doesn’t make you sit up and look. Then the interior will likely knock you out completely.

Luckily you will have some of the most opulent materials and successful interiors to fall onto.

So now let us move to the saloon. The colour theme is obvious immediately as is the lack of swaths of wood, dominant is so many yacht interiors. Here the wood comes in very clever accents. But it is the choice of browns that is very sophisticated. More at the espresso end of the scale, than latte.

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design Saloon Looking aft

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design Saloon Seating

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design

This dark brown colour balance is so hard to get right. It is of huge credit to the interior designers, that they have managed to get very dark tones to blend so well with the cream white of the leather. Imagine if any colour element of this scene has been shifted in tone either darker or lighter. The design would collapse. Close to almost mono-chrome, this interior feels opulent, sophisticated but also warm and homely. In the evening, darker brown pieces of furniture will turn black in the low light. Directing your attention to the light pieces.

Think about that. In the evening when it’s dark, you are less likely to want to sit at the table. The designers know this as they have selected materials that will change your focal point dependent on the time of day. Amazing!

Is it fair to say this interior feels very sexy?

Credit also goes to the photographer. To capture the above shot and make it feel as cutting edge as it does in the real world, wow. Clearly the photographer thought a night time shot would work best. Which means artificial light. Often photos of yachts at night really struggle to convey as much mood and desire as natural light. You can see under the table, that there must have been a huge light above the cockpit shining down.

And yet this photo is so successful. That almost black floor raises your eye and the textures of the coffee table, sofa cushions and blinds pull you in.

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design Details

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design

But for me the saloon’s success is dependent on it’s clever use of wood. Or should we say distinct toning down of its implementation. Natural wood is still the key product in yacht design. Strong, flexible in both application and tensile strength and endlessly unique and beautiful. Wood can be horrible in some yachts. Still some have those terrible orange woods, everywhere. But this application of wood, shows that wood still has the most exotic yet beneficial characteristics. Luckily Sunseeker’s craftsmen have had a lot of practise and in the Sunseeker 68’s saloon it shows.

Some very clever wall panels show off the warmth and opulence of the wood. However, the slatting effect in front of the light, moves them away from decorative to almost art. Clever artistic details in the doors of the aft wooden cabinets draw the eye.

The grain on the stateroom bedside table is just mind-blowingly beautiful. I would love to know what wood that is. The grain running sideways to give the impression of greater breadth to the cabin. And without a doubt, finished to a god-like standard.

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design Saloon Table

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design

I love this TV cabinet on the left. It is just so smart. Again Sunseeker moving away from the trend for larger panels of flat wood. Pushing the envelope of interior design ideas again. An almost burnishing effect on the edge of the cabinet doors creates a patina that the silver strips sit in. It is very classy and almost reminiscent of art-deco pieces of furniture.

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design Cabin

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design Stateroom

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design

The bow cabin is one of the best. If you showed that image to many yacht types. They may actually struggle to say it is the bow cabin. What is behind the bulkhead I wonder? I don’t know but I like the implementation in what was always such a tricky space. But the master stateroom is the most impressive. The designers have taken your eye and forced you to move through the cabin as they want you to. The bed clearly the focus at the start, with that expensive bedspread sucking you in first. Your eyes move up to the pillows with their verticals that echo the mirror verticals on the back wall. The verticals make you stop. And here they want your eyes to stop and linger and imagine yourself sleeping here. Here the interior designers are selling you the yacht.

From here, your eyes finally move port or starboard. From the image above we can see that amazing grain on the cabinet on the right-hand side. But again, the skillful design of the dressing table wood, with its horizontal slats, reduces its dominance in the room. Horizontal slats or stripes of silver reduce its weight as a large piece of wooden furniture. And also allows your mind to easily relax into this stateroom.

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design Bathroom

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design

The bathrooms again. Darker woods broken up into smaller pieces. Then close by, subtle, interesting details enable you to move your eyes around the room in a relaxed fashion.

Look at the three images above. Tonally they are all spot on. This means, if you took at the colours you can see and mixed them together, they would likely come out as a perfect mid-tone. This means 50% saturation of the palette colour.

The bathroom has a white top with darker cupboard. The white shower bordered by the dark surround. The galley has a dark floor, light cabinets below and darker cabinets above. And again the twin cabin has a light carpet, dark bed supports, light bedding and wall and dark window surrounds.

This is incredibly skillful interior design.

Italian style, like their cooking, involves a masterfully blending together of a few of the highest quality ingredients. To simply create art. However, after seeing the Sunseeker 68’s beautiful interior. I’m sure the Sunseeker interior design team could even start teaching the Italians how to cook.

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design Twin Cabin

Sunseeker 68 Yacht Interior Design

In conclusion, I understand how much works goes into creating these interiors that seem so effortless. The Sunseeker 68 interior design is an incredible success. I can only keep my fingers crossed they will read this and invite me onto their Sunseeker 155. I can only imagine the miracles the design team and the craftsmen performed on their super yachts.

You can see more of this beautiful yacht on Sunseeker’s website here.




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