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Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

Introducing the Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration. And the yachting lifestyle it can bring you is amazing. It really awakens an almost romantic sense of adventure within everyone of us. Being able to go and explore and find new and exciting beaches, islands or views is insurmountable. But then having the convenience of knowing you are mostly just a short distance from civilisation, amazing restaurants or nightlife. It truly is a lifestyle unrivalled by any other leisure pursuit.

But we are all different. And although many of us would like to take part in the adventure; we want to do it in our own individual way. Luckily there are so many different way to actually “yacht”.

So here we look at Sirena Yachts 64 foot model. Sirena yachts is a Turkish company with a long heritage and close ties to Azimut yachts. And you can tell the class instantly when you start studying the images and the interior design.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Side View

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

So firstly, the yacht actually sits very proudly in the water. And perfectly rectangular windows give us a hint of the ethos behind the build and the internal styling. The square bow at the front tells us something else. And this coupled with flat face to the saloon cabin gives us more clues as to what Sirena are trying to achieve with this yacht.

A quick look at the statistics and what I have suspect is confirmed and it’s good news when we come to look at the interior design.

So usually when you see a flat front to the bow this means the yacht is simply cutting through the water. The more powerful boats that have a slope from the bow coming down underneath the boat. This style of hull means the boat is using its massive power to try and get above the water and go faster.

So the flat front to the bow means we are ‘cruising’; as does the flat front to the bridge. It’s not aerodynamic having a flat edge to the front of your yacht. But looking at the statistics, this boat cruises at 16 knots. Unlike some of the monster yachts out there that can get close to 40 knots.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design From Above

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

But where as 35 knots will get you to where you going a lot faster (and in a huge cloud of diesel smoke); cruising actually has a huge amount of benefits for the interior design. The first benefits is that cruisers tend to have a wider beam or width. This is because they also tend to have flatter bottoms. And as they are not carting huge engines around with them; they also tend to have more space inside. As well as the benefits of being more fuel efficient, less noisy and requiring less maintenance.

Is the Sirena yachts 64 possibly a more civilised way to yacht?

Well the perfectly rectangular windows also gave me one more clue as to the direction the interior designers may have taken with the inside. So let’s dig a little deeper inside the Sirena 64.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Exterior Details

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

Once we’ve looked at the glamour shots. We end up at the aft seating on the main deck. The last picture of the four above. Initially I thought this image needed something. A model, a sunset, a beach, a party? But actually this is the perfect image to start our journey through this yacht.

It just looks so comfy and welcoming and if you woke up and walked outside and this was welcoming you. You’d feel so at home wouldn’t you. No need to be on your best behaviour. No need to dress up. It’s just so relaxing and welcoming and simply perfect.

Does yachting really have to be complicated? Or even over-the-top?

So as we turn from looking at the aft seating area, we can see inside the saloon.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Saloon

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

And isn’t this just a lovely scene. When I was formatting my images for this blog post. I actually had to go back and check this image. It just looks like a lovely apartment in some exotic location. This could so easily be an expensive apartment overlooking the marina. Let alone on a yacht in the marina.

I really think as saloons on this style of home-away-from-home yacht, this one is incredibly successful. Smart and very well finished. But so very, very easy to just slip into and live on.

What does “yachting” mean to you?

Do you actually need anything else? Some people want the lifestyle, but don’t really need the drama. Here Sirena have clearly worked towards providing a beautiful environment that just feels like the perfect home you have always wanted.

Oh and the view is amazing and changes as often as you want it to. Brilliant.

But there are some things to note here before we move on. First ahead of us, that window, inside the saloon. What is that? But more noteworthy, look to your left and just remember where the window ends above the sofa. Got it?

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Saloon Seating

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

OK. So now we are in the evening and ignore the models for a moment. Look back to the left and see where the window ends. The white blind has now come down over the window. I looked at this image for ages and was thinking that the TV was in this position permanently and that there was no window on this side of the yacht.

That would have been terrible. We love these rectangular windows. They’re so homely and ‘normal’ and don’t have shark fins in the centre of them. If you don’t know what I mean read my previous post here.

But in fact that TV comes up from behind the sofa. Isn’t that brilliant. I always thought those TV in the base of your bed, didn’t really look that great. But this is the first application of this idea that I think is fantastic.

“Are you enjoying the movie about fields my love?”

OK, so that’s all good. We didn’t lose a window. Right now I’m going to say it. And if what I say next upsets you. Well we can agree to disagree… I don’t really like models in yacht images. Sorry!

I think they are only distracting. And I like looking at the yachts and especially Sirena yachts as they are always so interesting. But let’s try and ignore the models for a moment. But wait, what are they talking about. She looks a bit annoyed, doesn’t she. You see, I told you they were distracting. Chuckle.

I love the dark stripes on the ceiling echoing the dark wooden floor. That little fridge by the man’s foot gives us a clue as to what is behind these internal saloon windows that have that magic glass that goes opaque at the flick of  switch.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Galley In Saloon

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

Yes, that space is actually the galley. And isn’t this an incredibly neat solution. All too often a galley… oh heck, this yacht makes us feel so at home; so in this case, let’s call it the kitchen; is often neglected a little.

Some of us don’t want to cook. And some of us want to employ staff to cook for us. Then some of us want to go to amazing restaurants. And most of us want amazing food brought to us and on and on… You see there are many ways to “yacht”. But there are a lot of people who just want a nice space to cook a nice meal, that they can enjoy with their family or loved ones.

And on some yachts that would be difficult. But wait until I take you to where that man is standing.

Wait, what is he thinking? Did they have an argument? Was his cooking not very good? She still looks annoyed.

Anyway, sorry got distracted again. You see where the lady is sitting? To the left of her is actually the cockpit position, behind the galley. And behind her is the stairs doing down. Oh I can’t wait to look down there. But first let’s go and stand by the lady and look backwards.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Saloon Table

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

So look at this space. Those beautiful rectangular windows let in so much light and the pale colour palette reflects it all around. This really is such a wonderful homely space. Look at the rug. It even has an amazing rug. Oh my goodness I want to be here.

“Dear Sirena, please invite me to spend some time on one of your beautiful yachts…” I’m writing a letter at the same time.

Sitting here with a friend, having a coffee. Chatting and staring out of the window at that beautiful view. How would you even know you are on a yacht? It’s just so homely and relaxing and peaceful. The only thing that would give it away would be a monster powerboat blasting through, making a huge amount of noise, creating a massive wash and filling your saloon with diesel fumes.

You starting to see yet, why so many people really enjoy this end of the yachting lifestyle?

But before we go downstairs, OK, OK, take a look at the “kitchen”.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Galley

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

WOW! Without a doubt, this is impressive. Look at all that storage space. I could have my nic-nac draw and the wife could have her tupper-ware stash and we’d still have space for gadgets and fancy pans.

If you are buying a yacht as a weekend toy for parties and adventures; basically an incredibly expensive place to lay your head. Then fair enough. The above galley (bit of an insult to call it a galley really) is probably overkill. But if you are going on a long term adventure somewhere. You will have times where you don’t want to go out and want to just relax and enjoy a sunset at “home” on your yacht. You are going to have to cook at “home”, like normal people. And well this is pretty much the best galley I have seen on a yacht of this size.

Well done Sirena. But all this coffee with friends and home cooked meals and popcorn in front of the TV has made me sleepy. Are you yawning? Leave a comment if you actually did. Chuckle. Let’s have a look downstairs.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Bow Cabin Bed

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

So again, the bow cabin definitely has the super classy home feel about it. It’s so welcoming. Clever storage around the sides of the bed, hide the hull shape. But remember this yacht, likely has a flatter bottom. Not a flat bottom, I mean a hull that is slightly less deep v shaped. The benefit is the floor space will appear flatter. And we can actually see that here. You get a flat bit of floor space right up around the sides of the bed. Wow.

And, excuse me… yes I know you are thinking what I am thinking. Who knew the Turkish were so good at storage. Look at the size of that wardrobe. It’s huge. Again clearly they were thinking about customers who were interested in using their yachts for longer term periods.

But still, that wardrobe in the bow cabin, is amazing. Most other yachts could fit a galley in there.

But there is only one thing better than one huge wardrobe? Chuckle. Yes you’re right.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Bow Cabin Dressing Area

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

TWO. Although they could have taken off that “Congratulations on owning another huge wardrobe” sticker. Naughty.

Now we are starting to see the real benefits of “cruising” instead of “powering” around. Really, is there anywhere you need to get to that fast? Anyway, look at the floor space at the bottom of the bed and into the bathroom. I could have a good dance there.

The space again, just feels so homely and comfortable. A really nice flip-up makeup table stroke office deck, work space gives you everything you need here. Again this is the bow cabin and it’s just got everything you need and so much more.

Let’s have a look in the bathroom.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Master Stateroom bathroom

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

Oh wow. I love the dark tiger wood. And especially in the satin finish. And when placed next to the dark grey marble top and the pale, bleach effect cabinet doors. It looks great doesn’t it?

I know it’s hard to remember we are on a boat. As Sirena has styled the space so incredibly well. Obviously that is the outside of the yacht where the window is. So the hull is actually coming down at an angle and eventually underneath us. This is so incredibly well worked to hide that curve and of note look is the shower.

Often when the showers are next to the hull. You just see the hull curve. I like that they put those wooden shelves there. To slightly disguise it. But mostly I like the storage nearly as much as the Turkish do.

But let’s go and see what the storage is like in the master stateroom.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Master Cabin

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

WOW again. OK, so if one couple can have a dance in the bow cabin. We’ve got a whole ballroom here.

And those rectangular windows again, we now absolutely love. They really could not get any bigger. And I like how they avoided the temptation to make them an organic shape. Most of the time you are going to see your yacht from the inside looking out, not the other way around. So even though those the shark shaped windows are fun and cool. We don’t have them on our brick houses. And with Sirena we are setting up for a long-term adventure here, and we want to just simply feel like we are in our home-from home. So rectangular windows are best.

More storage everywhere. And look at all the seating. And it’s seating that actually looks like you would use it. Often you see tiny seats that just fill the space under the window and you think. “I could never get my bottom on that for more than a few moments.” Here, when the sun is just too hot. A lovely afternoon nap and a sit at the window reading a book. Or my blog. And you’d be in heaven.

Let’s head to that door in the middle of the shot.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Jewelery box

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Master Stateroom


Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Bathroom

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

Well through that door is obviously the master stateroom bathroom. And here it is. And there we can see to the right of the image and at the back, how they finished the hull. You know when I said before, some showers just leave the hull shape. And then there is no denying where you are. But I really like this finish. It looks like sauna doesn’t it? That would be decadent would it. I wonder if you can get that as an option?

OK focus, I’m getting far too excited here.

The bathrooms, like the rest of this yacht, are just a lovely place to be. Not too many designer flares, that frankly put me off more than turn me on. The Sirena designers seem to have styled this yacht to look amazing and distinctly smart. But at the same time appeal to everyone.

Credit should really go to the interior designer. This is an incredibly achievement and very hard to create a look and feel that is brand specific. But at the same time paint with broad enough brush strokes, so as to appeal to many nationalities and cultures.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Bathroom


Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Twin Cabin

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Bathroom

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

The class and style continues even into an en-suite for the twin. The space on this yacht is amazing. If we look at the plans below. There are actually four cabins, including the twin above and bunk cabin, not pictured. But more surprisingly there are actually four “heads”. This is the yachting term for toilets.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Main Deck Plan

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Layout

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Inspiration

The black rectangle blobs are, can you guess? Yes the windows. It’s nice to see them on the layout plan. Here we see even more fantastic design thinking from Sirena. Look at the bottom layout plan. You can opt to remove the bunk cabin, and guess what you can have instead? Yes more storage from the cheeky Turks. But look closer. It looks like the stairs are in the way. But they are going over the top of this additional storage. So you get a double wardrobe down the hull of the yacht. But then also another double wardrobe that cuts under the stairs. Wow, this is a lot of storage.

But the fact remains. That the designers at Sirena are not stupid. They realise that with all the fantastic food you are going to be getting from the amazing kitchen they have installed upstairs. You will likely need an entirely new wardrobe when the old one doesn’t fit any more.

Sirena Yachts 64 Interior Design Conclusion

But even if you opt for the extra wardrobe space under the stairs, instead of the bunk cabin; they still have pictured the toilet at the bottom of the stairs. So in this configuration, you have 3 cabins, but four toilets. Maybe you can have that fourth toilet as even more storage.

So in conclusion this yacht is squarely aimed at a certain sector of the yacht buying public. And in that sector I’m sure it will be incredibly popular. But I think it is more than that. I really think this is a yacht that can make those customers who think they want to be in the other end of the spectrum. Stop and take another look. It really is that good.

Sirena is a wonderful company and their partnership with Azimut really shows. I would love an invite to look at more of their yachts up close. I’m already packing my elasticated shorts and my favourite pots and pans.

Take a closer look at the Sirena Yachts 64 on their website here.




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