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Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

Introducing the Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design. For me Sealine have always been a manufacturer of beautiful yachts. I remember going to the London boat show back in the 80s and Sealine was one of the brands I was always excited to see. Back then they used to hand out bags full of glossy magazines and pens and stickers and all sorts of goodies. Alas none of the manufacturers do this any more. But that simple marketing they did back then, left me, to this day feeling that Sealine is a quality brand. A brand any yachting aficionado would be proud to own.

So with all that nostalgia and warm fuzzy feelings towards this brand inside me. I am wondering why my mind is stuck on something else. Because the first thing I want to say about the Sealine C530 yacht interior design is… “Why did you not let your graphic designer have a go on one of your yachts?”

Puzzled? Well, let me explain. Look at the amazing picture below.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

Now, without a doubt, this is a very striking image. “Hi darling, love the dress, look what I can do?” Is probably the name of the image. However, any one who has driven a powerful yacht like this, will know exactly what likely happened a second after this image was supposed to have happened.

Yes, you guessed it. A huge wall of water will have come crashing into your wife’s face and likely thrown her right across the quayside. Make no mistake, these boats are powerful. Plus you’d be insane to drive you incredibly expensive yacht, at this speed, this close to a quayside.

Maybe let’s go a bit further out to sea…

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Side External

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

… and then park our yacht directly between two huge rocks. The visual imagery here is more than a bit worrying.

Does it worry any one else? Leave a comment below.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design happy Customer

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

Well, it clearly doesn’t worry her. This is literally an image in the “exterior images gallery for the Sealine C530 Yacht” on the Sealine website. I spent ages looking for a clever reflection of the yacht in her glasses or something. But no, it is literally a picture of a woman smiling. I suppose at least I feel less worried about the rocks now…

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Lighthouse

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design


Clearly this person doesn’t understand what a lighthouse is actually for! A lighthouse is there to tell you to keep away, because there are hidden ROCKS under the water.

Huff! I’ll stop now and get back to the review. But maybe, Sealine, let your graphic designer go on a sea trial at least. The Sealine yachts are so beautiful to look at, and even more impressive to be on at speed. You would make a memory that would last forever. And maybe we would get less images with rocks in them, or wives in fancy dresses getting drenched.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Bow and Stern

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

So let’s settle down now and start enjoying this Sealine C530 yacht.

So this is a 53 foot yacht, with the galley upstairs. Which means we get more space downstairs for three really good sized cabins. There is a large master cabin, then the bow cabin and options for double or twin third cabin. With two “heads” or bathrooms in yacht-y language.

The image above shows the lovely bow seating and the aft seating with barbecue grill.

Firstly, I personally prefer the foredeck lounging to be seating, rather that lying. I know they mostly can all be converted. But often you just get a mat effectively, even on larger yachts. So the table and seating is a huge bonus to me. And the wonderful low level lighting make this space a valuable asset. I could personally imagine having many late night conversations on those seats. Planning the next day’s adventures.

And maybe the next day will include a barbecue. This is a great addition to the aft deck. But mostly note that door to the left of the barbecue. Here you have another option from Sealine. You can have this made into a crew cabin but really on a boat this size, would you have crew? They would likely get in the way more than assist. So Sealine will handily make this into a designated storage compartment. Much more useful than a crew cabin.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Galley

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

So standing by the aft deck seating, or “cockpit seating” as yacht-y types like to call it. We can see the galley position is towards the aft or back, of the yacht. And this is no add-on galley after-thought. Look at it, it’s amazing. No matter how clever engineers and designers are. Space is always a challenge on a yacht. Even large yachts find working with the curvy spaces challenging. So this is an absolute credit to Sealine that they have managed to give their customers so much galley space on a relatively smaller yacht.

This may well be the best galley I have seen on a yacht this size. And people who know me, will know I don’t give out praise easily. But well done Sealine. Even the cute hanging cabinets are nice designer touch. I can also have a TV magically appear out of raised worktop. Behind that plant on the right. But most importantly. Sealine have made their galley so that the wine comes up from nowhere and magically presents itself to me. Whether I am working in the galley preparing lovely food. Or sitting at the table behind.


Let’s go downstairs.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Bow Cabin

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

So we move downstairs and into the bow cabin. And look at this. Wow, just wow. Remember this is a smaller yacht than some of the other bigger family boats we have been looking at. But I have to say the attention to detail, the fit and finish and the sheer clever use of space and storage is just amazing.

It’s in places like this that you can really see a skilled company with a long heritage. Sealine have won many, many awards over the years and in these spaces it’s easy to see why.

Beautiful large windows let in loads of natural light. But then look at the after dark lighting. The top central ceiling feature is smart as are the lamps and clever back lighting features all over the place. This will be a great place to be, night or day.

Look at all that side furniture behind that beautiful, high gloss wood. There is so much storage in here, there couldn’t possibly be any more.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Bow Cabin Window

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

WRONG! Look at that wardrobe and under the bed storage even. It’s just a fantastic place to be. I like the lighter wood treatment here. It really lifts this already wonderful space. And again we can see those huge windows. That is seriously impressive for a bow cabin on a yacht this size.

Let’s turn around and face the other way.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Bow Cabin Toilet

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

From this angle we get a peak into the bathroom. But look at all that highly skilled woodworking. And look at all the complex angles. Again this is where heritage really pays off. You just know Sealine deliver a quality product and their confidence shows through everywhere.

Can you see that blue towel in the bathroom. Can you swap that for the purple one. Thanks.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Bathroom

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

Now we are in the bow cabin’s bathroom and again, it’s very classy. Simple touches like the square sink and the expensive looking curved taps make this space very special for your guests to be in.

But let’s go and find the master stateroom cabin.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Main Cabin Design

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

The layout of this yacht is really good. Often when you buy a relatively smaller yacht, people will say you have to compromise. But with Sealine, I don’t really think you are compromising much.

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, look up those two steps and through the doorway. There you can see the bow cabin we were just in. But in this cabin the most striking thing to me is the space. Often on bigger yachts you get the corners of the floor space cut off, but not here. Let me explain. On many master cabins, the corners of the room; that are adjacent to the corners of the bottom of the bed; are not square.

The right angled corners have been cut off and usually a door is placed at 45 degrees, where the corner was. This is an OK solution. But having a rectangular master cabin with the corners cut off, means less floor space. Here, with Sealine, you get your corners and then some more.

It just looks like such a nice place to be from this angle. In the far corner to the left of the TV, this is a wardrobe. With a matching one on the opposite side. The bathroom is actually to the right of those steps.

Let’s go stand by them.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Main Cabin

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

So here we can see more amazing windows and even more great floor space. Some great mirror work next to the bed adds more dimension to the cabin and of course are incredibly useful. I love the texture of the headboard married with the bedspread. And because the floor space is not limited and the corners of your cabin are not cut off; you get a perfectly rectangular mattress.

But look at the seating towards the right hand side.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Main Cabin Seating

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

So many seats in master cabins look like they are more for show than for actually using. Often on even larger yachts, the master cabin seating can look like it is too small to be practically used by anyone other than a child. But here, these seats really do look like a good size and are perfectly designed for sitting on in either direction.

Personally I much prefer a small side table in the master cabin rather than just the sofa. I think having somewhere private to rest your laptop and do a little work is preferable over more lounging space. So I like this little table come makeup area. The only problem I can see, is that whatever you were working on, you’d probably spend more time staring out those amazing windows.

What a fantastic design and layout.

And so into the master cabin bathroom.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Main Cabin Bathroom

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

And of course, it is just as smart as everywhere else on this yacht. Above us in this image are more windows and the toilet is to the right of the sink. Imagine the photographer is sitting on the toilet. Wait, no, don’t imagine that!

I even like that flat sink stand piece and matching door front. It adds a little element of design interest. Although I’m sure it has some really clever function. Or hides something we don’t want to see. It’s so nice to see Sealine are still at the front of the yacht game. And I’m sure their attention to detail will mean they will keep winning prizes for their yachts.

So finally the plans.

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design Layouts and Plans

Sealine C530 Yacht Interior Design

So here we can see that great galley on the main deck, aft of the saloon. Usually you have to buy a very big yacht to get a big galley. But again, here on the Sealine C530 you don’t have to compromise.

Then we come down to the lower deck and the layout is really nice and flowing. Comfortable and family orientated but still, because the galley is upstairs, very spacious.

And finally we have that crew cabin option that we can swap out for additional storage space. Brilliant.

I’d love an invite from Sealine to see what they are working on at the moment. Without a doubt if you are looking at yachts in the 50 foot range, you need to contact a Sealine dealer and get yourself a viewing of these beautiful machines in the real world. Just make sure if they take you out on the water, that you don’t end up heading towards any rocks.

For more information on this yacht and others available from Sealine, check out their website here.





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