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Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

So today we are looking at the Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017. And without a doubt, when I think of Riva yachts, I think of those amazing exterior looks. The silver hulls and “Bond Villain” type presence they have in the water. Often I think they look a bit scary. I can’t say if the bigger yachts have an undeniable male appeal. But they appeal to me and I am a man. And ROOOOOAAARRR, this is a good-looking yacht!

That was me beating my chest there.

Without a doubt, first impressions are important when it comes to some of the yacht crowd. And if you turn up in a Riva yacht, quite a few other yacht owners are going to spill their espressos down their linen shirts. It’s simply that good looking.

But we have a few things to note first, from this top down helicopter shot. First this is a big yacht. 76 feet is a pretty big handful and no slipping on that throttle or everyone on-board is going to spill their own cappuccinos.

Double seating on the foredeck. And no dual controls on the flybridge. I like how this yacht looks pointy and again a flybridge roof would ruin the looks and sheer powerful stance this yacht takes on the water.

But furthermore, there is something else that stands out more than anything.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 Flybridge

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 Perseo

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

Holy smoke. Look at that front window. It’s practically horizontal. Look closer and you can see the cockpit helm position inside, is actually underneath the front window. Wow, Riva yachts really are not messing around with the styling.

Practical is good in some situations. However, when you really need to impress, you need a really impressive yacht. And the profile of this yacht just says one thing — POWEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!

All the fiddly facets of the exterior design look more like an Ironman costume than a yacht. And that gives us a clue again as to the market this beast is aimed at. And also what the interior space may be like.

The silver hull looks amazing. And those side windows, really could they be any more bold or confident? The incredibly shallow angle of the front windscreen and the lack of flybridge roof make this yacht look like a winner. And only someone who is incredibly successful could own one.

Do you really think you are taking granny for a nice quiet cruise around lake Como? No this is a look-at-me yacht. It’s a very confident yacht, with a huge ego and why not. If you own anything in the yachting world. You are an incredibly successful person. So why not have fun. Why not enjoy the absolute class of such a beautiful, striking machine.

Dang it. I’m going to get mine in Ferrari red. Or maybe I’ll have that chrome effect over the whole thing. But then people will be crashing into me all the time. “GET ME SOME CHAMPAGNE, I want Champagne coming out of the taps”. Chuckle.

I’d be very surprised if the master stateroom isn’t just made out of mirrors.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 Aft Deck

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

Right, I’ll try and calm down for a moment.

So here we are on the aft deck. Remember this yacht is only ten feet longer than the 66/68 foot yachts we’ve been looking at. But there does feel like a lot more space. Why? Well remember that front window, with the impossible angle? The one you have to sit under to drive this beast? Well that will lengthen the bonnet (or hood) so to speak. Making the yacht look more aggressive.

And here we can see the aft deck looks huge. So again we can conclude the saloon has again probably been shrunk slightly from the aft forward. There is probably a clear reason for this once we get inside. But from the exterior this gives the top of your yacht a less dominant position. Making it look more hunkered down in the water. More powerful, more aggressive, like it’s got more POOOWWWEEEEEERRRRRR!


Oh dear, sorry lost it again there. It’s likely each of those chairs costs more than my house. But they seem a bit minimal for this space. Like something you might find in the roof-top coffee shop of your architect’s design studio.

And look at that rug. Are Riva trying to make this space look a little homely? Who are we kidding, surely that’s so the super-models don’t ruin their pedicures right?

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 Saloon seating

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

Well as we move into the saloon area and start looking around. Wow, just wow. Architects glasses on, everyone please. We said this yacht was about impressing didn’t we? And here is a space that is all about maybe, making an important decision, doing a fantastic deal. Celebrating a great deal. Finalising that trillion dollar skyscraper concept.

If this is what your office looked like, how would you feel? How would your clients and customers feel? Of course. it’s so effortlessly sharp and smart. Everything is absolutely perfect. Minimal and uncluttered. The space just impresses.

Imagine yourself at the Cannes film festival and you need $100m to fund that epic movie about how a yacht blogger becomes the world’s best super yacht interior designer.

If you took someone to do the deal on this yacht. You probably wouldn’t have to say much.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 Saloon

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

Of course, there is no galley upstairs in the saloon. Beautiful waitresses and waiters would just magically appear with amazing food. And then quietly deliver it and disappear, so as to not interrupt our deal.

Look how the left sofa curves right around and almost entirely covered the saloon aft doorway.

This yacht is about impressing the people approaching it. Then getting them inside and on these sofas for a deal. A couple of beautiful pieces of furniture are ideal places to hide your million dollar contracts, until the right moment. And the helm cockpit area so smart but not distracting at all.

It’s funny the more I think about it. I’m sure super yacht companies probably do have crazy briefs like. “We need a new super yacht, for business men and women, to finalise their multi-million pound deals. Now go and make it.”

It’s just class isn’t it?

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 galley

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

So here is the galley. Now obviously, if the galley is not upstairs in the saloon, as a result, it has be downstairs. But this galley is different. It is downstairs, but it is actually in its own room, with its own door. As if it is almost designed for catering.

So now if your business guest goes downstairs to use the bathroom. They don’t even have to know the galley is there. Hold on, if we are starting to see past the super showy first impressions and now see into a world that is more about sophisticated relationships; I wonder if we can guess where the master stateroom bathroom will be situated?

This is random question right? But imagine you have that potential partner on-board and you are sealing that great deal. And oh, he or she needs to use the bathroom. Of course you want them to use the best bathroom on the yacht. Well this would be the master stateroom bathroom right? But you don’t want them to have to walk past your bed to get into the bathroom. With me?

I’ll look at the plan right now. Yep, we were right. If you are trying to get that million pound investment from someone, you don’t want them using your number three bathroom. Even the bathroom must impress and guess what is right at the bottom of the stairs going down. Yep the master stateroom bathroom.

The designers at Riva yachts are very clever, with the looks and the layout, but even the philosophy of this yacht.

But what is really going to impress my investors are the details. If only there was a way my yacht could tell my business associates that details are incredibly important to me.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 details

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

Oh, there you go. This is no ordinary glass or mug, this is a Riva glass and mug. The spirit or coffee you put in this glass and mug, will likely more POWWWEEEEEERRRRR!

Oh no here we go again. Quick, let’s go downstairs.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 bow cabin

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

So here we are in the bow cabin. And we were impressed with the exterior design. We were impressed with the elegant simplicity and pure business functionality of the saloon. But here, wow!

I am currently asking myself, “Is this the best bow cabin I have ever seen?” Frankly I might have to admit… oh I’m trying not too… and I am an incredibly pedantic person… but… it could well be.

We need to not forget this is yacht is designed clearly for a certain customer, or client rather. It doesn’t have the touches, layout or functionality of a family yacht for example. But it is perfectly conceived for another purpose as we have discussed.

Is this the best bow cabin ever?

So now with that in mind. Imagine with me, homely styled lamps in the cabin. They would be so wrong wouldn’t they? Imagine carpets or beautiful bedspreads or textured wall coverings. Oh no, that would all be so wrong.

I am really struggling to find fault… arrrggh I hate this. But I have to admit I absolutely love this space. Yes we can see in the reflection on the right, the tricky floor space is still there in such a big yacht. But it is beautifully treated with that amazing wooden floor. It would be odd to ask your business mogul guests to take their shoes off, so I like a wooden floor downstairs here.

The mirrors make a fantastic headboard and of course give you distance from yourself to check your shirt and tie or your beautiful business dress. This is such an amazing business feeling environment. The window surrounds, ceiling and side furniture all block out the yacht shape. But the simple but incredibly classy finish, keep you focused on the deal. No distractions here and none needed.

Let’s move into the master stateroom.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 master stateroom

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

Now in the master stateroom, the interior design excellence continues. Can you imagine the quality of these materials and finishes. Riva are possibly in a class of their own here. That simple curve in the outside window visible on the left. Remember, getting them to the yacht is the first challenge. So those amazing looking swooping windows come first. But once inside the master stateroom, the bigger yacht shows with the amount of floor space. This cabin is huge.

That sideboard at the back. Really reminds me of something you would find in a top design studio. And look at the clever mirror under-supports for the bed and the bedside cabinet. These mirror panels take out the distracting visual weight the bed support would otherwise have. Our mind is still focused when we are in this incredibly calming environment.

I was right, it is full of mirrors. But now we understand why. It is not so much about ego, but more about presenting a professional and sophisticated front to those we want to impress. And I like this elegant thought.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 stateroom seating

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

The bedside cabinets could not be simpler. But black gloss reduces their impact, while maintaining their elegance. Imagine tiger stripe wood gloss here, and some funky lamp. Oh goodness, those things work so well in most yachts. But here I am actually mellowing out from all the power visuals. The mirror under furniture strip continues around the room, and even under the master stateroom seating.

It’s a very clever visual trick that will make the carpet appear to go straight under everything.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 master cabin seating

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

The visual cues continue with the stateroom seating. It is so simple isn’t it? But it just feels so amazingly sophisticated. A moment to stop and sit and have one last think about that deal, before you go up to your boardroom saloon. Furthermore the side cabinets here, even look like posh filing cabinets. No crazy fabrics to distract your eyes and confuse your mind. I imagine this is an incredibly tranquil and relaxing place to be.

But there is one place left and remember, our guests may use our bathroom too. So do you think the bathroom has a low key white basin and simple wooded cabinets?

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 stateroom bathroom

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017


Look at that marble. My brain hurts thinking about how expensive that marble must be. Charcoal, graphite black speckles with yellow veins. Seriously, your guest may take ten times longer going to the bathroom than usual. But they will definitely come back and compliment you on that marble.

I don’t really like marble as opulent as this usually. But this marble is seriously mind-blowing. Please Riva invite me to come and spend a weekend in this bathroom taking pictures. It’s like permanent lightning going through your bathroom sink.

And look at the dressing for the photo above. Just a few aftershave bottles and trinkets. That are exactly the right colour and tone to compliment. They show you this is not a museum piece. You can live here, but they again, are not distracting.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 bathroom details

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

This yacht is sheer class. It may be more Italian style than British style. But frankly I’m sure most British people would like a little more Italian style in their lives.

This yacht is so incredibly well thought out. Riva clearly know their customers absolutely intimately. And the Riva 76 Perseo super yacht interior design as a whole, is so incredibly impressive. Which is great because that is what it is designed to do. It’s like a beautiful aria. Sometimes loud and dramatic. Sometimes quiet and considerate. Other times, emotional and powerful.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 twin cabin

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

Furthermore, even the twin cabin is silently sophisticated. And finally as we look at the plans below, we can start to see the picture as a whole. We can see that huge windscreen on the top plan. With the flybridge without any fussy dual controls.

Continuing, on the main deck plan, we can see that huge aft deck. Now we know is probably for entertaining after the deal has been done. The carpet to stop the top female executives puncturing the decking with their high heels. We can see the incredibly functional and single mindedness of the saloon. Seating organised for a single, powerful meeting. The cockpit helm, not distracting in any way.

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017 layouts and plans

Riva 76 Perseo Super Yacht Interior Design 2017

And finally downstairs we can see the master stateroom bathroom is directly at the bottom of the stairs and to the left. Perfectly positioned to be used by important visiting guests. So they can get the full effect of that amazing yellow lightning bolt marble. At the bottom of the stairs and to the right is the galley, in its own separate cabin. Convenient, but very discrete and out of the way.

And finally, look at the huge floor space in the master stateroom. This is properly impressive. It’s enough space to pace up and down as you practise your pitch.

As your deals get bigger and bigger, giving the right first impression can be so critical. And we have to admit that Riva yachts are absolute masters of the first impression. This yacht is simply epic in every sense and finely tuned to really compliment its owner.

In conclusion, with this yacht in your business arsenal, you could literally take over the world. But just remember don’t let the POWWWEEEEEERRR go to your head.

To see more from the amazing Riva Yachts range, click here to go to their website.




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