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Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

So today we are taking a look at the Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017. Princess yachts, of course, are incredibly popular and pretty much have been since their inception back in the 60s. And as we take a look at the two images below we can get a flavour at to why. Without a doubt, power, fit and finish are incredibly popular sales tools and princess are experts in all those areas. But the proverbial “first impression” is pretty much critical when it comes to yachts.

Your neighbour on the waters, or that passer by in the marina, will not get to see your en-suite, under sink, cabinet wood finish. Although they probably would love to. But they will have an opinion on the look and feel of your yacht from the exterior.

So my first comment about the Princess 64 yacht interior design, is that the exterior looks absolutely stunning.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Exterior

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

In my youth I really liked the more sporty looking, single deck powerboats. But as I have got older, I am starting to see the real benefits of the flybridge. It is just such a nice place to hang out. Up above the crowds, looking down on them. But also the added visibility you get from being higher up. But often manufacturers start making their flybridges bigger and bigger. In an effort to accommodate more and more people. And then they add the sunroof. And this then, for me starts looking like a fishing boat.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Side View

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

I would hazard a guess the single reason the Princess 64 yacht is so incredibly popular is that its profile is just so cool looking. That slope from the front  window to the flybridge is very low. And so cool. Taking its looks back to a space that really does look more powerboat than flybridge yacht. The long flybridge tail sticking out and well back of where the flybridge actually ends. Makes this machine look like it is doing 40 knots even when it’s standing still.

A sunroof on top of the flybridge would just ruin the looks for me. Who said cool was easy. But there is no getting away from the fact the Princess 64 yacht looks more like a little devil than a princess. And I absolutely love that.

So let’s move inside.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Saloon

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

So once the amazing looks of this beautiful yacht have pulled you near her. You are going to want to have a look inside. And Princess yachts have really not let us down here. There are some very clever design ideas and the interior layout really just brings the scheme together.

The first thing to note is the full length windows on either side. Those amazing huge swooshy windows on the outside, give us some interesting shapes on the inside. But the light is going to be pouring in. And as simple as it sounds, that is going to make a huge difference. Natural sunlight simply makes us happy. I should know, I live in the UK. Where people scream when they see a huge burning fireball in the sky. Because we really don’t see the sun that often.

To continue, the saloon seating looks wonderful. It just works doesn’t it? Cool carpets, fabrics and wood. And the scene just simply and wonderfully dressed. The light colours are always going to feel more sophisticated. The carpeted flooring, for me, gives a more homely, comfortable feeling.

It just all fits.

If you have been swimming outside and want to come in to cool down and have a quick drink. How easy is it to imagine just plonking down on one of those sofas. Or after a night on the town. It just feels so welcoming.

We can start to see the zoning. The steps are in exactly the correct place. As you would expect from Princess. They understand the zones their customers want. But furthermore they understand what zones their customers give priority to.

So we can see instantly the saloon lounging area is first. Then above to the left looks like the dining area. So what is that behind the frosted waterfall glass?

OK, can you see that bottle of white wine on the table? If you want a glass, help yourself.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Saloon Seating

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

How’s the white wine? Good. So we were right. At the front of the saloon and to the left of the helm, is the dining area. Look at the windows here. Imagine a lovely breakfast coffee in the early morning light. It would be wonderful wouldn’t it? Full visibility to watch over little ones playing outside. Or to just enjoy the views.

The plum seating looks really nice here. Possibly not my first choice. But I really like that Princess have been bold. The more I stare at the picture, the more I am coming around to Princess’ interior design talent. Plum on paper sounds not great. Plum in the real world actually looks amazing. Cosy, comforting, unusual and confident and a little bit naughty. Are we getting the little devil again?

And look at the storage? I think one of the reasons Princess yachts have been so successful, is because it all just fits. Meaning they know their customers want a lifestyle of luxury. And owning a yacht is an “ultimate dream” for most. But Princess don’t want you to have to compromise a normal lifestyle to experience their yachts. You could just move into this space today, and right at home ten minutes later.

So they have given their customers plenty of spaces to hide those annoys legos. So you don’t have to stand on them in the middle of the night. Ouch!

But I’m getting a bit hungry, have you got anything to eat? Something that’s a bit classy, sophisticated and exotic? Just like this yacht?

Look at the hand rail on the right of the above image.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Galley

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

So that hand rail is actually the side of the galley. And that frosted, waterfall glass we saw earlier is hiding the front of the galley. Clever eh? OK, so while we have some of this beautiful sushi you prepared, let’s think about this. Nom, nom, nom.

I often wonder about the whole “crew” thing. On a yacht this size, how many people would really employ full-time crew. Even though every yacht seems to have crew quarters. I don’t think many people would employ full-time staff.

We get further clues about the real nature of this yacht from the layout and design. If I had full-time crew, I wouldn’t want to see the galley. It would be a simple, functional space, hidden away somewhere. Kept out of the owners eye-line. But putting the galley in the saloon, directly opposite the dining table; does mean we want to have interaction with whomever is cooking or preparing food or serving all this wine you keep drinking.

This is a very comfortable, relaxed, family yacht. The layout just feels so “homely”. And I have to say, this is one of the best “galley in saloon” layouts I have seen. It just works.

Look at the image above again and see that post coming down directly at the edge of the image on the left.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Cockpit

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

This is the post here. With the slatted blind to the side of it. So this soft partition for the cockpit is actually in the galley. It’s a great layout isn’t it? Very social feeling. Very family-centric. It’s not formal or pompous. People can so easily chat and be in each other’s company and enjoy all aspects of owning this beautiful yacht together.

So to the left of the image above are the stairs leading down. So can Princess even impress us downstairs?

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Bow Cabin

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

Well we come down those stairs and can see directly into the bow cabin. And doesn’t it look amazing? It just looks like an amazing, comfortable and welcoming place to be. This is a skill much harder to achieve than you may think. Remember this yacht sits squarely at the centre of probably the most competitive sector of the whole yachting spectrum.

And Princess have continually conquered this segment of the market. And they have done this by being smart above all other things. Interior design is almost easier on a mega yacht. With unlimited budgets and space that goes on and on. Here the yacht has to be beautiful, aspirational and deliver a lifestyle that will blow anyone’s mind and keep them coming back for me.

But, the yacht almost has to be unpretentious at the same time. And be practical, and come in a certain price point because of all the competition.

This will likely be a lot of people’s entry yacht into the world of yachting. And Princess want you to love their yacht and fall in love with their brand. So you come back and buy your next yacht from them over and over.

Just look at that full length mirror. Something so simple and yet incredibly practical, and likely very much appreciated by all who will stay in this lovely guest cabin.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

And look at the guest bathroom. It’s just so simple and elegant. Small details like the shower door handle, that feel nice in the hand, just add to the class. I always think this level of interior design is very skillful. I personally like the clean lines and pure elegant functionality. Again, it is just a place where you want to be.

One other thing, credit must go to the photographer. If only we could say well done for correctly exposing at tricky shot with such a lot of white and reflective surfaces.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Photographer

Oh, we can, there he is on the right, reflected in the shower surround. Chuckle.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Master Cabin

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

So here is the master stateroom on the Princess 64 Yacht. And first impressions are, “Oh forget that, just let me have a nice lie down on my bed here”. It really does just make you feel like you could move in tomorrow doesn’t it? Not complicated, but still smart and stylish. And look at the storage. Oh my goodness, it’s amazing.

The darker back wall, really makes this space feel comfortable and cosy. The lighting in the evening will really bring a more intimate feeling to this cabin with the darker back wall. So many neat storage places and those lovely big rectangular windows flooding the space with light. Sorry about the metaphor!

Floor space looks really great around the bed. Remember with the galley in that great location upstairs; downstairs you are getting more space.

And this yacht has four cabins. Yes four! This stateroom, the bow guest cabin, a twin and a bunk cabin. Without a doubt Princess want your family to have the best holidays you’ve ever had. And with this yacht as your home-from-home, you will not want for anything.

Can you just take my sunglasses off the bed and put them on the side there, I don’t want to sit on them.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Stateroom Table

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

Bookshelves seriously? This is great, I finally have somewhere to put all my interior design books. Although they weigh a ton. But I really like the bookshelf touch, it feels so classy and yet practical again. We keep saying that don’t we, with this yacht?

And if you look closely at the bookshelves you can see they have a front that can be pulled across, so all your nic-nacs don’t go flying when you power up those big engines that are right behind that bulkhead back wall.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Bathroom

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

Again the master cabin bathroom, is just a lovely place to be. I don’t know about you. But I personally don’t have charcoal, graphite marble with yellow veins in my own bathroom at home. And although it would be nice to be invited to spend a weekend on one of those super yachts with that sort of marble, not mentioning any names… Riva yachts! Actually owning one piece of that marble would probably kill most people’s bank account.

So Princess are not going to kill your budget with extreme opulence. And that’s not really the name of the game with this yacht, or with this customer. And Princess are smart enough to know this. This yacht is about having fun with your friends and family.

Enjoying the lifestyle that Princess are so skilled at delivering. And enjoying it with a high quality product, finished in a classy and sophisticated way, that won’t kill your bank balance.

Thank you Princess yachts.

Although, I’m sure if you really want that marble, they will be more than happy to find it and sell it to you. Chuckle.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Twin Cabin

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Bathroom

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

Don’t forget there is enough accommodation on this yacht for the whole family to join the party. And no one has to fight over a room, as they are all just wonderful places to be. I actually really like the bunk room below. Often the place that gets the least love. I think Princess should be applauded for really working some magic on this yacht.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Bunk Cabin

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

A little look at the plans and layouts below and we first see that great sloping front window and top leading to the flybridge position. Giving that powerful profile, that looks very close to a powerboat. Sure you may lose a little space on the flybridge. But again remember the flybridge swooped way back, and from the plan we can see we still have plenty of seating upstairs.

Moving down to the main deck and here we really see that fantastic layout. This is probably the “yacht selling feature” right here. The layout is so simple, but so practical and so social. Saloon seating towards the aft or back of the yacht. Then a few steps visually cue you into a zone change and give downstairs more headroom. The dining area opposite the galley area, makes it so food preparation can be social and fun. Now take a moment to imagine your dining area where it is and the galley downstairs. That poor person who has to go downstairs to prepare some food, just misses everything.

I used to shun galleys in the saloon, but this is the best layout I have seen yet. There is one yacht in my list coming up that has an amazing solution to the galley. But that is more formal again.

This yacht is clearly aimed at families and close social friends.

Moving down to the bottom plan and we can see the four cabins. Each has plenty of storage space and even the master stateroom has great floor space. Even the crew cabins at the rear of the yacht are larger than on most other yachts. I think they employ magicians rather than technicians at Princess.

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017 Layouts

Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017

So in conclusion, it is not really a surprise that Princess are at the very top of the yacht tree. If you have even spent a moment thinking about owning a yacht, you will know the Princess brand. But a look at their incredibly popular Princess Yacht 64 shows us that they are not all hype. They can really deliver something special.

But it’s a “special” that is incredibly practical, incredibly usable and just fun and easy to understand. And frankly sometimes you want a souffle, sometimes you want a burger; with Princess yachts you can have something that satisfies both ends of the scale. You can have sushi. Which, let’s face it, is just rice and seaweed. But sushi, like Princess yachts, just feels effortlessly classy and is very, very tasty.

To learn more about the Princess 64 Yacht Interior Design 2017, visit the Princess Yachts website.




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