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Off The Shelf Yacht Interiors

Introducing ‘Off The Shelf Yacht Interiors’ from — the easiest way to update the interior design of your yacht.

Whether you want to:

  • Save a lot of money by buying an existing yacht and refurbishing the interior easily
  • Just simply refresh the interior of your current yacht
  • Or if you are buying a yacht as an investment and want an economical way to upgrade the interior

Then our ‘Off The Shelf Yacht Interiors’ are the solution for you.

Off The Shelf Yacht Interiors

When a yacht is traditionally refurbished, this would involve a ‘designer’ who comes with a high price tag. If you simply want to refurbish your yacht. And are happy to go with one of the three yacht interior designs looks above. Then we can cut out the designer price tag and install a brand new, amazing looking interior into your yacht.

Some people will only want bespoke, one-off unique interior design. However, clearly working closely with a designer for a one off look, will come at a premium cost.

Many yacht owners are simply happy to opt for one of our pre-designed looks. Making the process of refurbishing your yacht, less complex and a more cost effective and speedier process.

However, we do not cut corners on quality. Just because we have pre-designed these interiors, this does not mean we have cut the corners on quality of materials or craftsmanship.

Our ‘Off The Shelf Yacht Interiors’ will make your yacht look like it has had one of the world’s leading yacht interior designers working on it for years. But simply without their high commission.

Find Out More About Off The Shelf Yacht Interiors

Fill out the contact form and tell us what size yacht you are looking at and its location. Or send an email to:

You deserve the best, so start the exciting process of installing an ‘Off The Shelf Yacht Interior’ on your yacht.



Off The Shelf Yacht Interiors More Details

Our ‘Standard Off The Shelf Yacht Interior’ package includes refurbishing:

  • the carpet or flooring
  • the seating upholstering
  • the woodwork

And is for the following yacht areas:

  • the saloon
  • the galley
  • the master cabin

Often these three areas are enough to really make a yacht feel like a brand new place. Bathrooms are more complex, but can be added into the mix at additional cost. Ceiling and walls are also generally not included, but of course, refurbishment of these can be added as an extra.

We restrict the ‘Standard’ package simply to make this option accessible to the most people. Of course, we can provide as much interior refurbishment support as you need. Or as little as you need, if you are on a tight budget and simply want to revamp the key sections of your yacht.

However, we love talking about our customers ideas and we can extend the three pre-designed options to more areas of the yacht.

Off The Shelf Yacht Interior Design Upgrades can include:

  • Ceilings and wall refurbishment
  • Additional cabins refurbishment
  • Bathrooms refurbishment
  • Helm refurbishment
  • Flybridge refurbishment
  • Interior dressing accessories
  • Other bespoke requests

And also in additional if you have some special requests, we can easily add them into your ‘Ultimate Yacht Interior Design Package’.

For a complete ‘Bespoke Yacht Interior Design’ we also have award winning designers on our staff and also many other great contacts in the yacht interior design world.

Whether your dream is a quick and easy and cost effective, off the shelf yacht interior design; or an absolutely one-off and original bespoke interior designer solution. We can help you find the solution that works best for you.

Off The Shelf Yacht Interiors

3 Pre-Designed Yacht Interiors You Can Just Buy and Have Installed In Your Yacht.

“The Cambridge” Yacht Interior Design

The Cambridge yacht interior ‘Standard Package’ upgrades the saloon, the galley and the master cabin. Quilted leather seating in the saloon, with a beautiful dark grey flooring and high-gloss dark wood makes for a sophisticated, designer feel.

The same feel continues through into the galley. In the master cabin, the woodwork is satin finish for a more relaxed and comfortable tone.

“The Oxford” Yacht Interior Design

A darker flooring in the saloon and the paler, bleached woodwork, compliments the comfortable, clean and crisp white fabric seating. The bleach wood effect continues into the galley, where a darker work surface and silver handle accents really make this galley feel special.

The master cabin is completed with the bleached wood effect and silver accent notes.

“The Hendon” Yacht Interior Design

Tiger Stripe woodwork and classic charcoal grey upholstery finish the Hendon saloon off with a classic elegance. The paler wooden flooring lifts the theme, making it feel fresh and contemporary.

The colour palette continues into the galley and then through to the master cabin.

Off The Shelf Yacht Interiors

Contact Us Today. Off The Shelf yacht interiors from ‘New Yacht Interiors’ simply means replacing and updating the carpet or flooring, the upholstery and the woodwork on your yacht.

Our ‘Standard Package’ offers this work for the saloon, the galley and the master cabin. But upgrade packages are available so you can revamp your yacht’s interior, as much or as little as you like.

It’s time to start making your yacht look amazing again — contact us for more details.


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