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Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

Introducing the Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design. Another amazing Italian yacht brand that delivers some big yachts up to 105 feet. But here we see if the big yacht ethos travels through the range and right down to their smallest yacht; the Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 foot yacht.

All these amazing boats have the signature round side windows. That enables anyone, from a mile away, to know that real style is heading their way and to start tidying their flybridge.

The fact remains, if you’re turning up in a Monte Carlo Yacht, you’re turning up in style.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Exterior

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

To start with, I for one love the colour. I used to be adamant that a white hull, was simply the most classy and practical colour to have. But more and more we are seeing just wonderful colours and more importantly clever applications of that colour. You don’t see many full-coloured hulls. Which was my original fear. But moreover the colour is used to cleverly accent a yacht’s lines. And therefore adds a real dramatic signature to what are very beautiful machines in motion.

The fact remains, you have to be bold to spend a fortune on a coloured hull. White will keep the inside cooler, so with colour you are going to have to pump up your air conditioning. But yachting is not about being frugal, it’s about finally living and enjoying your life. With a yacht, you’ve made it. And made it bigger and better than most people. It’s time to start enjoying yourself.

Furthermore a coloured hull on a yacht will show up all the ripples in the hull as you look down the length. So only manufacturers who have an absolute confidence in their products will even talk to you about a coloured hull.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Bow Seating

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

Well here on the Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 and already I’m getting tingles. We start on the bow. And wow, look at this seating. And look at this setting. How romantic is this? And this does feel like the theme of the boat. Imagine yourself and your loved one sitting here, watching the sun go down. A beautiful warm evening, cold glass of wine. The sea gently rocking you. And that sexy lighting. It’s just cool isn’t it? And effortlessly relaxing.

Monte Carlo Yachts say they wanted to get the ethos of their larger yachts into their smallest. And here I think they have really achieved it. The dressing with the cushions and blankets is very subtle, but just enough to really set a scene. Our minds fill in the rest.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Aft Seating

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

As we walk down the sides and onto the stern seating area. We see the Italian style pop up, with these very classy seats. The movable seating on yachts, I always think is a problem for some designers. Some seam to get it really wrong, and some get it really right. Here they look brilliant, classy and really fit the scene. It seems the Italians want you to have evening on the bow, then a breakfast coffee on the stern,. Lovely.

I’ll have a cappuccino gracie. I think those things on the table are candle holders. Designer night lights, with a glass shroud that comes down so they don’t get blown out. But it’s funny, they seem out of place in the picture. As does the book on the table.

It is almost as if we are peering into someone else’s morning. These yachts are just so comfortable looking, aren’t they. And I imagine even more relaxing to just be on. I feel like the photographer turned up to the bosses yacht and the boss said, in his cool Italian accent. “Yeh, no problem, just take your pictures when you want.”

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Flybridge Seating

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Flybridge Seating

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

The story continues upstairs on the flybridge. How cosy does this look? I’m not big on scatter cushions but here they look amazingly inviting. Again, it does feel so relaxed, like the bosses wife just said, in her sexy Italian accent. “Yeh, no problem, I’m having an espresso would you like one.” Then just got up and moved out of shot.

Effortlessly classy. I love the colouring. Softer tones. Lighter greys with accents in the blue tone range. Compliments the greys and the ocean connecting everything.

Also look up and you will see that fantastic sunroof, giving you the best of both worlds. And unlike many of the huge, white flybridge tops, this one is navy blue. It compliments the hull, but also does not glare or distract your eye-line.

It’s almost as if this yacht is so relaxing it’s giving your eye-balls a massage.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Galley

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Aft galley Layout

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

Now into the aft galley, and this is very much my style. Beautiful wood treatment with a satin finish. Rather than the high gloss, everyone else seems to be going for at the moment. Remember the galley in the saloon always means one thing above all others. You will get more space downstairs. If the galley is too immediate at the aft of the saloon. There is another option to move it forward and have it placed towards the left of the stairs heading down.

Both options work really well. But when we look at the plans we’ll make a note to see if there are any other benefits to the galley positioning.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Saloon

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

So now we have walked through the saloon and are standing with our back to the stairs and the cockpit to the left of us. The satin finish wood continues and again, a lot of other yachts are opting for darker almost black wooden floors. Here we see a paler, almost bleach wood effect on the flooring.

I really like it. With the darker wood featuring higher in the eye line. The light floor and white gloss ceiling will really bouncing the light around. It is so much more complex than you can imagine designing a yacht. You obviously need structural integrity, but no one wants to be inside a dark saloon or cabin. So natural light is premium interior design material inside a yacht. And here it casts nice wide brush strokes.

Again, classic yacht interior design does have themes that are common to it. Design keys that make your brain trigger, “I’m in a yacht.” Here, the Italian have said, “For this yacht, let’s relax a little, take off our tie and undo the top button.” It still feels like a very designer environment. But it’s more designer casual, that designer formal.

I really can’t think of a more challenging environment to design and make look pleasing than a yacht.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Adjacent Cockpit Seating

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

More windows here than my own home and there is more of that beautiful seating that looks so incredibly comfortable. I wonder how comfortable it really is? I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my bottom gets an invite from Monte Carlo Yachts to spend a weekend testing their seating.

Once you have finished reading that book about the Eiffel Tower or whatever. Let us go down the stairs, that are just to the right of this seating.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Bow Cabin

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

So the bow cabin looks very smart indeed. I know why they have opted for minimal side furniture or shelving leading to the bedhead. This is because it really opens up the cabin. This bow cabin on the Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 65 just feels so roomy. And as this is an occasional guest cabin, a feeling of spaciousness is greatly appreciated.

The bow cabin is always a very tricky space and it’s really interesting to see different manufacturers approach the problem in different ways. I think this bow cabin is incredibly successful. The lack of bulky side shelving or furniture give the cabin width. The square light features on the headboard, give the cabin the illusion of greater depth.

The two grey-leather clad doors on either side are wardrobes.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Bathroom

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

And how about this for a guest bathroom. Like a bathroom in a very expensive boutique hotel. It’s effortlessly simple and again, just very comfortable. I love the shelving. It makes this space feel so organised and neat. Everything will have a home. Just as if you were in your real home.

I’m getting so relaxed looking at these images, I’m going to have to find a huge bed to flop on to.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Stateroom

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

Oh, good there’s one. Tell me you don’t want to go and lie on that bed?

There are the Monte Carlo Yachts signature windows letting in loads of light. And look at that chaise longue. They really want to knock you out with this yacht, don’t they? They could have put the ubiquitous leather sofa there, but no.

“We need something more relaxing than a sofas.” Probably went the meeting.

The more I stare at the master stateroom, the more I am falling in love with it. I think it’s the textures. This is a very clever photo. I give credit again to another brilliant yacht photographer.

Let me explain. Yacht photographers are trying to sell the yacht for their clients, through their beautiful images. Much like selling a car, they want you to imagine being in the driving seat. Or in this case, they want you to imagine lying in the bed. So let’s see how our eye travels around the photograph.

I bet you looked at the throw first. With its rough, bobbly texture. It’s the dominant thing in this image. And it’s in the foreground. This throw then points you to the book, which catches your eye. The chaise longue and the slatted blinds then push your eye along the side. Finally your eye spills out onto that clever textured headboard surround. Then to the headboard which is plain enough that your eyes drop to the pillows and there you are.

It’s OK, you can lie on the bed beside me and soak up the atmosphere.

Very good design, very good photography. The bedside furniture following the shape of the bed base is very classy.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Stateroom Bathroom

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

As we walk into the master stateroom and turn around, we can see a very nice dressing area. That is very nicely done. I love this application here. There is a nice piece of floor space here. And remember with the galley upstairs, this whole cabin is larger than others in the same length range that have their galleys downstairs.

What is not immediately apparent is that the bathroom is to the left edge of this image. Behind the mirrored dressing area. That just feels nice and convenient. On this boat I’d be far to relaxed to have to walk around a bed to go in and out of the bathroom. Luckily the designers know this.

And look at the storage in this cabin, it looks amazing.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Details

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

Here we see the dressing area and bathroom from the other angle. You can’t see it, but the throne is down that end of the bathroom. Just to the left of those towels.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Bathroom

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

So what about this? It’s fantastic isn’t it? The darker marble is less saturated than some of the more orange-y marbles. It really feels classy and very exclusive. It’s almost like a grey-brown marble and goes perfectly with the wood that adds more saturation to the scene. If that marble had been a bolder colour it would have killed the wood in the scene and been too dominant. Here it sits as a strong foundation feature. It’s a more relaxed confidence, not shouting look at me.

The designers at Monte Carlo Yachts really know what they are doing. The gentleman’s colour-wave continues through into the shower area. And unless I am mistaken, is that the actual hull shape coming down, opposite the shower. That’s amazing isn’t it?

Imagine having a shower there in the morning. It would be a cool reminder first thing in the morning that you have made it. Whilst you stare out at the beautiful ocean. It would be a great start to your day.

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Flybridge and Cabin layouts

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design Galley Layouts

Monte Carlo Yacht MCY 65 Interior Design

So a quick look at the plans and you can see that alternate galley position at the bottom. One interesting thing to note, is that if you opted for a galley aft of the saloon. You get a hook in your worktop. As a result, feels more like a cooler hosting space. Rather than a galley where your back is to the party. And it does look like you get more seating in saloon, if your galley is aft.

So in conclusion, there are some great yachts in this length range. But if you are seriously thinking about taking your life to that next level. And in particular you are looking for a level of relaxation you have never had before. I would strongly suggest you contact a Monte Carlo Yachts dealer and ask if you can get your own bottom on one of those comfy seats.

Although you may end up so relaxed you won’t want to leave.

To learn more about the MCY Monte Carlo 65 Yacht, visit there website here.




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