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Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65 Is Something Special

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65

Introducing the Kelly Hoppen yacht interior Pearl 65. I’ve always thought the Pearl 65 yacht was a very handsome craft. To me it looks more masculine than feminine from the outside. That dark grey, wide stripe brings an air of quiet confidence and dominance and is very smart. Pearl have also opted away from the more “swooshy” organic side windows that we are seeing all over the place. And that frankly sometimes still look a bit odd. However here Pearl have gone in favour of neat square portholes. Clustered to clearly let in loads of light, whilst retaining hull strength and integrity.

So it’s no surprise that a forward looking company like Pearl, have taken the interior design of their Pearl 65 a step further also.

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65 Exterior

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65

If you want to make your yacht a star performer, get a star performer to work their magic on it. Kelly Hoppen is widely regarded as an interior design guru. The UK based designer has worked all over the world. And has many years of experience working with demanding clients with deep pockets. So the smart decision-makers at Pearl Yachts decided to bring her on-board, literally.

A very smart and bold move. And so the latest Pearl 65 has an absolutely fresh-faced approach when it comes to its interior design. And we love it.

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65 Saloon

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65

The saloon is the first place to impress. Kelly has taken the largest space on the yacht away from its usual feeling of “we are in a saloon on a yacht”. Into more of a feeling of “we are in our living room in our home”. Away goes the ubiquitous leather seating in favour of sophisticated fabrics and prints. And the galley looks incredibly sharp and modern. With high-gloss painted surfaces replacing the traditional wooden veneered looks seen almost everywhere else.

And this is the theme that continues throughout the yacht. It really does feel that Kelly was given Pearl’s full confidence. The interior design is very unique and special. And as bold as the white stripe that travels the direct centre down the length of the saloon. Guiding you into the cabins below.

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65 Saloon

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65

Yacht interiors originated in place where functionality was more important that form. The wrong wood would rot quickly or a finish that looked amazing today, might look horrific after the salt air and sunshine had beaten it down.

Even with new technology and the amazing new materials and techniques available to modern yacht builders. An element of this yacht design genesis likely still exists within yacht interior designers.

But not Kelly. She arrives fresh at the brief from the viewpoint of homes that don’t rock or move. That don’t get soaked, then baked. She in interested solely in making her clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Then let the boffins at Pearl figure out the technology.

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65 Bow Cabin

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65

The bow cabin is smart, incredibly neat and very tidy. The reflective white ceiling bounces light around the cabin. And the smart use of light fabrics and textures make the room feel bigger. The skillful implementation of simple wooden furniture does not dominate, nor overpower.

I’m not sure if a bow cabin has ever felt this light and airy. Again, are we on a boat or in a glamorous apartment overlooking the marina?

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65 Double Cabin

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65

If you showed the image above to a hundred people. I’m sure all of them again, would struggle to tell you, you were on a yacht. It just looks amazing. I love the bedside tables. With the central stripe echoing the stripe on the wall, the stripe on the bed and the stripes on the seating. These clever visuals give you the impression of more ceiling height. As again, does the beautiful white reflective ceiling tiles. This makes the headroom dissolve away, until you feel like you are standing in a room twice as big as you know it should be.

The wood at the base of the bed, subliminally reminding our toes again we are in our home from home. This is a very clever and special stateroom design.

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65 Twin Cabin

Kelly Hoppen Yacht Interior Pearl 65

And finally in the twin cabin, Kelly again shows her class. We see so many heavy, dark interiors. Possibly designed more for a corporate client in the boardroom. So it’s so refreshing to see a yacht interior design that is clearly more for the corporate client’s sophisticated family, on holiday.

Beautiful patterns and simple textures on the door handle, bed surrounds and pillows lift the design. Making this a complete package that is a huge credit to Kelly and the Senior Management at Pearl Yachts.

And is that really a goldfish bowl feature? Genius!

In conclusion, this is a clever move by a clever yacht manufacturer and we hope we get an invite to see more.

Learn more about the fantastic Pearl 65 on their website here.




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