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Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design Let’s Take A Look

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Introducing the Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design. So Horizon Yachts are actually from Taiwan and have been around since the late 80s. Their own website lists themselves amongst the top 5 largest global yacht builders in the world. And we have to say they have some very handsome larger yachts. But today we are looking at the FD85. Large enough for most, at 85 feet or 26 metres.

But first, take a look at that styling. It’s amazing isn’t is? And if you are thinking it looks a little different from other yachts. There is a very clever reason why. In fact, it’s almost genius!

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design From Above Front

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

So look at the Horizon FD85 yacht above and let’s make some notes. First look at the main deck seating at the back of the yacht. Not the seating on the top with the red parasol. That’s the flybridge seating. Look below that. You can barely see it. But you can imagine where the aft (or back) main deck seating is. Where that support post comes down. Look below quick, you can see the aft deck seating. Then come back.

Now if you walked around down there, you can see a walkway that comes around the side. In front of that big black rectangular side window. Then seems to go behind the hull. Weird eh?

Well, on most yachts, this walkway would just lead to the bow (or front) of the yacht. Where you always have additional seating.

But where does this walkway go on this yacht?

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design Stern

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Well now we can see that walkway goes to a set of stairs, that then goes up and onto the bow. Mnnn a bit confusing. So what does this mean? Well this basically means you have an extra cabin sitting on the bow of your hull. This yacht actually has five cabins excluding crew cabins. That’s the master stateroom, plus three double cabins and one twin cabin. So pretty glamorous accommodation on this yacht without even looking any further.

But it gets even better that that.

Look back to the first picture with the red parasol. You can see a guy standing and driving the yacht from the flybridge controls. Right where he is standing there is a small set of stairs that lead down and into the room with the black wrap around windows and windscreen wipers. This is the inside helm position.

On most yachts, even this size, the helm or cockpit would be on the same level as the main deck. And it would be taking room up inside your saloon. But here it is actually above the saloon. Wow. So this means one thing. You get even more space inside your saloon and on the main deck.

So is this yacht really four floors tall? It’s an amazing design. It remind me of one of those ancient middle-eastern wooden puzzles. That is made of a load of odd shaped pieces of wood. And only if you are very clever enough can you make them all fit together again into a cube. I’m sure if you told Horizon Yachts you really needed a tennis court. They’d probably say, “No problem, we’ll just pop it in behind the engines, in the sub sub sub basement.”

So let’s look a little closer. We’ll start on the flybridge.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design Flybridge

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Now having gone through all the pictures and studied the plans and layouts of this Horizon yacht. I have come to a conclusion. I will present to you two sets of images. One set I think came from the designers. Original concept computer models of the interior. And the other set of photographs, I think must be a customer yacht. With customer specified interior design. Or maybe a display yacht. But this is good because we can contrast and compare.

But here, on the flybridge we only have the “customer” finish to the interior design. So remember the yellow accent leather, on the bar stools here, and in other places, is the customer version.

So here we can see the flybridge looks amazing. And clearly we can tell Horizon yachts build much bigger yachts as the ethos and feeling of a larger yacht are clear here.

The bar, hosting and entertaining areas are well defined as is the hot tub. I’ll just get my shorts on.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design Flybridge Details

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

The yellow leather may not be to everyone’s taste, but personally it is growing on me. But again, remember the colour palette and fabrics and materials can all be changed. But the layout is great isn’t it? With your personal taste added to the finishes, this really would be a wonderful place to sit with your guests on a warm summer evening.

Behind the seating on the left is actually the flybridge helm position. Furthermore through that gap in the centre is the steps going down the that mid deck help position that frees up all the space in the saloon.

So let’s go down to the aft deck seating.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

The image above is the customer yacht again. You can see the yellow leather on the sofas inside the saloon. But the aft deck seating is wonderful. Luckily our customer has excellent taste. And it’s very easy to imagine creating many happy memories sitting here with your family. The space is enormous and this really is not that much bigger than the usually 68 foot family yachts we have been blogging about.

Another image below of the same space shows Horizon yacht’s computer mock-up of the aft deck seating.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design Alternate Aft Seating

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Here, they have gone for a long bench seating. Which style do you prefer for your aft seating? Let me know in the comments below.

I like the mix of seat styles and the colouring of the second option. However, both are great and really offer you lots of options for moving the seating around. And if you moved them out the way, you could probably have that game of tennis right here.

OK i’ll put on my tennis gear.

Let’s move inside.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

So the next two images are clearly the computer models. But the most striking thing for me is the full length windows all around. How amazing is that? Few yachts this size have that feature. And without a doubt “natural light” is probably one of the best features you can have on any yacht. No amount of fancy artificial lighting will ever come close to natural light. And all designers know this. So windows have now become so huge that your yacht is entirely made out of glass.

I’m sure it’s an engineering nightmare. But it is very much appreciated and, as a result, makes a huge difference to the inside of any yacht.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Next we can see the other end of the saloon in the computer renderings. And it’s here we start to really understand the beautiful clean lines, the clever layout of this yacht gives us. There really is no confusion here. This really is just an absolutely wonderfully clean space. In your saloon there is no helm position, stairs going down, broken floor heights or even a galley. Furthermore the seating all looks modular and can be moved around.

In conclusion, it just really looks like a modern, beautiful hotel suite or an amazing apartment in some fantastic destination. I personally think it’s an incredible success in design and planning. But how is it achieved?

Well there are a few tricks here too. The galley is actually on the main deck. This is one of the reasons for all that space downstairs. Look at the image above. The door at the opposite end, and on the left, leads to the galley. Which we have no image of, but from the plans looks to be huge all by itself. And also the door on the right, at the end of the saloon. Leads to the stairs going down.

That clever mid deck, helm position actually almost floats above the stairs going down.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Here we can see the customer interpretation of the saloon area. And I have to say, I really like their taste. I might change the colour of the sofa slightly. In addition, there is another bold leather choice, later in the master stateroom. But again, this is all personal taste. I really like the addition of the corner bar area. And the ceiling with that strip lighting, I think looks fantastic.

Our customer has cooler blinds that the computer generated curtains. And I really like how the saloon has been dressed. That rug looks expensive and brand new. In fact everything looks perfect… wait, except for one thing… have you spotted it yet?

It’s almost like they had just bought that rug and laid it, isn’t it? Mnnn, but hold on, rugs always come wrapped in loads of plastic sheet. Where can we hide it? “Oh just stick it over there to the left, outside, behind the TV. No one will ever see it!”

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Our customer yacht continues to impress with a beautiful table setting. These leather dining chairs look really special. But I absolutely love those deep brown leather occasional chairs on the left. Wow, they are fantastic. If I knew where to buy one, I would go and buy one now.

In conclusion, the above photographs show us, that, with a space like this, you can be incredibly versatile. I’m sure in your own home, your furniture is not bolted to the ground. And occasionally you move things around to get some life back into your living room. On most yachts the saloon seating and tables are fixed in place. But not here. Horizon yachts, gives us such a wonderful space that we can really start to express ourselves with our yacht interior design.

So let’s move downstairs.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Now here is the computer rendering of the bow cabin. Not the master cabin that sits on the main deck, like a super yacht. This is the bow cabin that is on the lower deck. So the master cabin is actually situated directly above here.

I like the clean finish, warm tones and light texturing. But most successful in this cabin, is the furniture. Remember, even on bigger yachts, the hull shape presents a very difficult space to fit in a “normal” shaped room. So yacht designers do clever things to disguise the ever sloping and arching inner surface of the hull.

So those pieces of furniture on the side of the cabin are doing two things. Firstly they are providing valuable storage. But secondly they are hiding the sloping of the hull. And shelves and bedside cabinets are a real rarity in a bow cabin. Our wooden puzzle has now gone from six pieces to six hundred. But a carpenter’s nightmare makes for a delightful space for your guests to rest their heads.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Seen from the other angle here, and we can see the very smart finish to the walls. Accented with the strip lighting on the ceiling, this looks like a very classy place to stay and maybe not just for one night. If you just saw the picture above, you may struggle to even say this is the bow cabin. I can’t get over that storage, it’s amazing.

Now, we need to make a mental note of something here. We don’t have a photograph of the “customer’s” version of the bow cabin. Mnnn, interesting, eh? I wonder if there is a reason for this. Well, as we move on, it will become apparent that our customer is just as clever at interiors as Horizon. And this puzzle box may have had me confused for a long while. But I think I have finally figured out a secret about our customer’s boat.

And no he doesn’t have a tennis court. Although he might and is just not showing us.

So let’s move into the main master stateroom.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

So here is the computer model of the master cabin stateroom on the Horizon yachts FD85. Now remember, this space is actually sitting on the bow of the hull. On the same level as the saloon. Isn’t that amazing? This really is firmly now in super yacht territory.

You access this cabin from the door on the right, at the back of the main saloon. Remember the one I said the stairs were behind. Well you can keep walking forward and step up to the main helm position or forward to this suite.

You actually come into the cabin through a door on the right of the bed. You can’t see it in the above picture. It’s just out of shot, past the fishes.

But forget all that… look at the windows. There are a few major key benefits to having the cabin in this position. One it is more convenient to walk through to your cabin, than up and down stairs. But also, the tricky, curvy, hull shape does not play so much of a part in shaping the room. But most importantly, is that you can have windows almost as large as those full length ones in the saloon. And more window means more natural light, which we love.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Heck, you even get a lovely skylight. This cabin must feel amazing at any time of the day. Remember the computer images are the standard layout and design. And the other photos, I believe, are from a customer’s yacht. So the computer layout above, shows us the bathroom, through double doors, at the foot of the bed. That sink is not in the bedroom. Although the computer image, looks like a bit of an optical illusion.

However, the layout above is the same on the plans. That door on the right is actually a walk-in wardrobe. But the bathroom has a double sink, shower to the right and a toilet to the left, when you walk into that room. Sliding doors protect one’s modesty.

So with that in mind, let’s see what our customer did on his yacht.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Well now we are looking at the customer yacht interior design on their Horizon FD85. And yes, you spotted it.

The first thing I thought, when I looked at this picture was… “Red wine, in bed… bit naughty”. But honestly, I absolutely love the interior design. And our customer is showing us they are a person with some considerable sophistication. The first thing to note is the colour scheme. I have to say I think the warmth of the dark woods; married with the opulence and soft cosiness of the cream carpets and fabrics; well this may be my favourite combination for a master stateroom.

I know I am not alone. Gentle textures raise the interest level. And the dark wood does not become overwhelming. As it is itself broken with those smart mirror strips, that really look classy.

But stop for a second and note the skylight. Our customer, like us, knows the value of natural light and has had a modification here. The regular skylight is that one central piece. But they have extended the skylight right across the roof of the master stateroom cabin. And those dark brown wooden strips surrounding the skylight, make a perfect picture frame for star gazing.

Of course, there is a blind that can electronically block the light for sleeping.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

Moreover we see the beautiful craftsmanship in the woodwork and the furniture. The back wall headboard a lovely simply effect and I personally prefer closed storage than shelves. And when the doors all have those silver, reflective strips, this really adds interest. The clean “unfrilly” lines of the furniture, is really beautiful to me. That door on the right, again is the way into the cabin. Or back out into the saloon.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

But how about this?

First, remember because we are higher on the hull. Those side cabinets will likely have loads of room for storage. Lower on the hull and the side cabinets would be just hiding the curve of the hull as it goes down. The seat back is low, so as not to obscure any of that wonderful light. But, OK, OK, what do you think of the orange leather? Comments below please.

I have to say I am not really an orange leather man. But having stared at these images for ages, I am actually really starting to like this seat. I bet it’s immensely comfortable and actually it does look really cool. Yes, it’s orange, but it’s not neon orange. It’s a cool sophisticated orange you would see in an architect’s office waiting room. It does go perfectly with the colour palette and looks like an amazing feature in the position it’s in.

It is a big seat, but is not crowded because of all the floor space in this cabin. Oh heck, I’m changing, I’m becoming an orangey leather man.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

So here from the other angle. My new favourite orange leather chair, just to my left. And the door into the cabin behind me. Look up and we can see that huge optional skylight is closed with a clever blind.

Now comes the mystery. We have not quite completed this puzzle box. And to be honest for a long time I did not think I would be able to. But I think I have figure it out. I wonder if you can.

So after the skylight, the second deviation our customer took from the plan was the position of the TV. On the plan it is off to the left. And ahead of the bed is the door to the bathroom, remember?

Well, the other thing to remember is that our customer and Horizon yachts are genius’ at interior layouts and design. So where is the bathroom?

Well take a look at the next two images…

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

How about this for a double sink. It really is it top quality and fantastically opulent. First class all the way for our customer. But wait where is this? And what is opposite these sinks? Next image please.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

So you can actually see this is the opposite end of the bathroom. As it is reflected in the mirror on the previous image. Now on the normal plans, the master stateroom bathroom has just a shower, double sink and a toilet. But look above, here we have a shower, a huge hot tub and a toilet. Yes, I said it, a hot tub in your master stateroom bathroom. We are well inside super yacht territory again.

But how is this possible? This bathroom would have to be huge to have that amazing double sinks setup at one end. And this hot tub setup at the other. So for ages I thought about this. And examined the plans. Then drank huge quantities of red wine. Whilst sitting on a cream white bedspread above a cream white carpet. And I think I finally figured it out.

Look back to the picture with the amazing double sink and look to the right.

What are those stairs coming down?

Horizon Yachts Puzzle Box Confirmed

Now remember we didn’t get a “customer” version of the bow cabin. And remember the bow cabin is actually directly below this master stateroom cabin. Mnnn, yes you’ve got it. I think our designer customer has done something very clever here. I think they have had their guest bow cabin, converted into this amazing master stateroom bathroom with the hot tub in it.

There is no denying this is very decadent. But why not. It’s a real credit to this great yacht that has so much space. Imagine walking down those cool art-deco under lit steps, into that delicious bathroom. All cosy and oh-so-private. It’s like something out of a book.

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

In conclusion, we should remember, this yacht has five cabins and four of them have double beds… and the other is a twin. So the room downstairs is abundant. Above we see one final computer render of one of the double guest cabins. That both sit opposite each other on either side of the hull.

Wait a second… note we don’t see the customer’s photos for either of these double rooms either. And if you took the dividing wall out and painted the floor green with a few white stripes. You’d have enough space for a nice game of… yes, tennis!

Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design

All joking aside. This is a fantastic yacht, and we can see why Horizon yachts are so incredibly successful. With their beautiful standard designs and then their clever customers, they create some very interesting yachts. Horizon yachts really are one that should be close to the top of your list if you are looking to purchase a yacht in this size range.

You’re only problem would be coming up with clever ways to fill all that wonderful space. How about a gin & tonic bar for after we finish playing all that tennis?

To learn more about the Horizon Yachts FD85 Interior Design, visit Horizon Yacht’s website here.





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