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Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design

Introducing the Fairline Squadron 53 interior design. And with the up-and-coming Fairline Targa 63 due on the scene very soon. We will see if the interior designers at Fairline really need the help of venerated Italian designer Alberto Mancini.

It is a clever move by Fairline to get him involved in the future of their yachts interior design. But ultimately the results will speak for themselves. But in the meantime we can examine the Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design as done by Fairline’s own in-house team.

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design Exterior From Above

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design

For me, Fairline was actually the standout yacht brand at the recent Southampton boat show. Simple things like layout tweaks and neat details made their yachts feel like really special places to hang out. And the crowds agreed. They may not have had the biggest stand. There are two other yacht marques that always seem to precede them. But the crowds and the positive murmurings was in Fairline’s camp.

And they didn’t even have the Squadron 53 on show and we hadn’t even seen images of the interior design.

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design Saloon

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design

So here it is. And while I pick my jaw off the floor, let us just enjoy the visual. The Italian influence is already there. Effortless style administered in a minimal way that creates a huge impact. It’s breathtaking. That beautiful high gloss, dark wood is made to be an important element in the saloon. But again is not over-powering.

Moreover, the furniture flows beautiful around the seating and those windows. Gish they look huge in this picture and that means loads of natural light.

Leather disappears in favour of beautifully chosen fabrics, that add a texture and warmth to the environment. The accent colours subtle and used very sparingly are thought out to work throughout the yacht. Fairline’s designers wants you to really relax and enjoy this space like it’s your home. But they will not compromise on style to create this affect.

The handle details on the sideboard are neat and classy, as is the quilted accent around the cockpit and stairwell. You are going to have to practise some model poses to sit on this yacht. Because you will just be taking photos of it all the time.

But are the Fairline designers a one hit wonder or do they need Alberto’s help as we move downstairs?

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design Cockpit Seating

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design

As we move towards the stairs, those seats look fantastic don’t they. Leather is nice to look at but let’s face it. Anyone who has owned a car with leather seats will know when it’s hot, they’re scolding and when it’s cold, they’re freezing. Sometimes you just want to put your slippers on and be comfy. The designers have given us comfy slippers, but they are designer slippers, probably made by super-models, beautifully hand-crafted and incredibly exclusive. And they look better than everyone else’s slippers.

The shiny silver accents bling this shot up, creating your lifestyle shot. But for me, when I recently walked around the Fairline’s range, one thing stood out.

The rectangular cross-section handrail pictured above, just to the right of the cockpit seating area.

This rectangular handrail continues throughout the yacht and the range, and is just so cool. Pretty much everyone else is still using round, chromed railings. But the attention to detail on a Fairline yacht is something special. And that rectangular rail, covered in leather and beautifully stitched, for me personifies the ethos behind the newly revitalised brand.

It’s modern and cool and just so designer-y. And even though I may not be bragging about this handrail in the pub. I know I have it and I know it’s better than all the other hand-rails. And that’s important to me. But then again, I am someone who obsesses about these details.

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design Galley

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design

So we move downstairs and Fairline’s designers didn’t take an espresso break here either. Their pencils were on over-time. The galley is fantastic. Understated but cool as you like. I personally like a darker galley, so all these cabinet surfaces don’t start to dominate the space and take over my peripheral vision. And Alberto knows the deal. Dark wood, mirrors and lovely lighting make, what is usually the purely functional space of a yacht; into somewhere I want to hang out and drink my own espresso inside of the in-house team’s work. It’s effortlessly cool isn’t it. The slatted blind and the leather on the side panel.

This space is designed by someone who definitely has passion. Someone who probably takes just as long to pick out a pair of socks in the morning as Mr Mancini.

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design Split Scissor Bed

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design

But then that’s what you want in a designer. Someone who truly cares about the details. Someone obsessive. In the bow cabin we can see the Fairline craftsmen showing off with the beautiful scissor bed. It look like a lovely place to sleep. That quilted headboard, surrounded by lights. So decadent and a bit naughty. But it really works. And remember this is a 53 foot yacht, but that is all lost inside, somehow it feels much bigger.

You can see the photographer’s light reflecting in the top wooden border. In the real world this is a perfect piece of beautiful wood that runs around the cabin. Classy but not overwhelming. I can see the theme and I love it. But there is even more to see, and wait until you see the twin cabin.

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design Stateroom

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design Master Cabin

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design

Here Fairline’s designers shows us two dressings of the main stateroom cabin. And they are both just as beautiful. Which one do you like the best? I can’t decide. I love the high gloss back wall and I love the matt back wall. Both are very smart and just the right colour tone. Darker tones trick the brain and visually bring the wall closer than a lighter wall would.

But the effect of this is to stretch the room width-wise and this is more desirable in this instance. Making the cabin feel more imposing and majestic. The dark wall also moves the whole mood into a more intimate space. Other textures compliment. The fur on the beds, the weave on the cushions and that leather on the headboard and cabinet fronts. Make this space sexy.

Do you actually need an Italian interior design, with model looks to make your yacht stateroom cabin look sexy? Well done Fairline.

The Fairline designers have even turned me on to that brown marble, that Italians love in their museums. Used sparingly, and in positions where the sun will catch it. I have to admit, it looks fantastic.

There can’t be more, surely.

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design Twin Cabin

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design

I think at this point the in-house design team were having a bit of an Italian love affair with this yacht. It definitely shows, and for me there is no better cabin on the Fairline Squadron 53, than the twin.

The twin cabin on most yachts, unsurprisingly, is usually the last thing on the drawing board. And therefore can sometimes feel a little lack-lustre. But here the twin is amazing. It really reminds me of a first class cabin you might find on the Orient Express. The mirror running the length of the wall reflecting light from the dark slatted window is very classy. No huge lamps dominating. Just beautifully padded and segmented leather and a satin finish metal strip point their way to that signature headboard.

The wood is used in exactly the right amount. And the colour of the blue, simple bed spreads is exactly the correct tone and hue to compliments the wood colour.

Design this powerful. Created using just a few simple elements, is incredibly hard to achieve. The Italians have always been the masters of approaching creativity with this ethos, their food is the same. But the Fairline interior design team should really be complimented on an incredible success here.

This is a space any adult would love to sleep in and would likely remember for a long time. And it’s all on Fairline’s 53 foot yacht.

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design Twin Details

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design Bathroom

Fairline Squadron 53 Interior Design

No spot is left unloved. As the design team work their magic on the details in the bathrooms. This is an exciting boat and definitely one to look at if you are considering upgrading your lifestyle.

Fairline are a wonderful brand and I love so many of their boats for so many reasons. I don’t usually write about MD’s, as people don’t want to read about them. But credit must go to Russel Currie. He is smart man who is continuing to build a smart brand. And we wish him every success in the future.

Bring Alberto Mancini into the design team is clearly a bold move. Mr Mancini comes with amazing credentials and is an incredibly designer. Mr Mancini is also world-renowned and so Russel has likely factored the huge marketing pull Mr Mancini will bring along with his likely huge fee.

It is a very exciting time to keep an eye on Fairline yachts and with great designers in-house and now with Mr Mancini involves. This could possibly be a dream-team or definitely something the whole world will be watching.

Learn more about the amazing Squadron 53 on the Fairline website here.




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