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Azimut S7 Super Yacht First Look

A Carbon Fibre Azimut S7 Super Yacht

The new Azimut S7 Super Yacht featured, on their website is something truly special. And a yacht we will definitely be keeping our eyes on. I suppose it was only a matter of time before carbon fibre made its way into the bulk construction of a super yacht. Carbon fibre, of course, is a critically important material in high tech sports, most notable, motor sport. Formula one car constructors know a thing or two about the benefits of carbon fibre. Even engineering parts, which where traditionally constructed from steel now have given way to carbon fibre for two simple reason.

Firstly, it’s versatility in manufacture. Similar to GRP, carbon fibre Manufacturing techniques involve laying a mesh into a mould.

Azimut S7 Super Yacht Carbon Fibre

Azimut S7 Super Yacht First Look

But most importantly is its weight. Carbon fibre is ten times stronger than steel, whilst at the same time being five times lighter. The combination of these two critical factors, make this an engineers dream material. But all this benefit, does come with one big negative. Cost. A carbon fibre roof to your Ferrari will likely add tens of thousands of pounds to the car’s cost. So imagine an entire super yacht made substantially out of carbon fibre. Hopefully the geniuses at Azimut have figured out the costs too. But I have to admit if I was paying substantially more for my carbon fibre super yacht than the normal GRP plastic version. I may ask if I can just leave the carbon fibre exposed. So everyone and their mother could see how much money I have spent.

But what is the benefit. Well lightness and strength basically mean two things. A thinner carbon fibre hull will also show greater strength. Then add to this the fact that carbon fibre is already much lighter than GRP. So you get a double hit. This may result in a yacht with a faster top end, but it is more likely the fuel economy will be the major benefit. And until the clever people at Azimut figure out how to make an all electric super yacht, this is a key consideration.

No details, at present, at to where the carbon fibre will go.

Azimut S7 Yacht Interior Design Images

Azimut S7 Super Yacht Interior

Interior styling looks amazing, as we expect from the Italian super yacht manufacturer. And they may have actually found the one place where those bent TVs actually look good and make sense.

I love the more organic layout of this cabin, with loads of light moving around on the reflective surfaces. The unusual positioning of the furniture really gives an impression of a high quality hotel room. Rather than a yacht stateroom. And with the bed angled slightly towards the window, this will be a wonderful place to wake up and enjoy the view first thing in the morning.

Learn more about the Azimut S7 from their website here.




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