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Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

I’ve been looking forward to talking about the Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017 for a while now. First because it’s an Azimut and everything Azimut do is amazing. But secondly because it has some very interesting design features, layouts and looks. That I think you are really going to want to know about.

So let’s start with the exterior shots. I was going to say the most striking thing is the colour. But that is not actually true. The flybridge without a roof is very distinctive, as is the central radar tower. The flatter prow line at the front of the bow tells us we are more cruising than powering.

This yacht has some very elegant lines. But does feel more traditionally styled with a few modern twists, or should that be modern with traditional twists?

But let’s come back to the colour. Champagne? No. Cream? No. Champagne ice-cream? Yes. In fact, it looks like Champagne ice-cream, with cream on top. Wow, could you get much more silky smooth luxury than that? And is that a clue as to the purpose or ethos behind this yacht?

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Exterior

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Top Deck

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

So from above we can see some great bow seating. And so much space upstairs, they thought, let’s not add any more flybridge seating towards the rear. Let’s just have some lounge chairs there and a small sofa. Why? Why not acres of seating like on most other large flybridges?

On most yachts this flybridge would be fitted seating after seating after seating. All built in. Here it is still top quality, but a little more intimate. But not too intimate that you don’t have options.

So let’s drop down and go onto the flybridge.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Flybridge Seating

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

Here we are on the flybridge looking forward. And it has a nice simple touch to it. It doesn’t feel so much like a party for a large crowd. But more for a select few individuals. Ones closest friends only get an invite onto this yacht.

And don’t those throw cushions look like little strawberrys and raspberrys. They’d go lovely on top of our Champagne ice-cream. Oh we could actually have a glass of real Champagne with our dessert.

But before we go inside, I want to have a look at that bow seating.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Bow Seating

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

Azimut say they want their smaller yachts to feel like their bigger yachts. And it always shows with these really nice seating areas. Imagine eating your Champagne ice-cream covered in cream here. The warm morning sunshine waking you up.

I love the table with the seating surrounding it. It feels very intimate. But again, there is enough room for on a few of your closest friends. But really not too many. Let’s say six people could comfortably sit here. That’s enough to be fun, more than that would be a party and that would be vulgar.

Just comfortably intimate and presented in the most beautiful high quality style.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Foredeck

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

See those two cabinets at the front there. They are probably full of lovely Champagne flavoured ice-cream. Chuckle. That would be crazy if I was right wouldn’t it?

But here we see the bow seating from the other side. It’s not complicated. But as a very high quality space for an intimate meeting, it’s perfectly executed. Do we need any more for this yacht?

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Aft Seating

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

The same story now as we are moving closer to the saloon. The seating on the aft deck is simple, sophisticated and a lovely proportion for six adults to get together and enjoy some fine wine, fine food or fine conversation. It’s not bench seating, but rather wraps around. Do we need anything else?

Let’s move inside.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Saloon Seating

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

I am starting to feel like I am in a movie with this yacht. An intimate, high class drama, involving six main characters. Each interesting in their own right. Each adding a fascinating flavour or colour to each scene.

And it’s here, in the saloon, that I feel the plot really starts to take shape. It’s like this yacht wants traditional ideas and surroundings, but executed in an incredibly modern way. It’s almost like, for example, Champagne and ice-cream. Both very traditional, classy products by themselves. But served together, “Champagne ice-cream” is a modern twist on traditional flavours.

And Champagne ice-cream would not be a mass produced item, to be eaten at home. But rather an extreme delicacy, to be savoured by a few special friends or companions at a high class restaurant.

But before we move on, look at that corner strip lighting. It really is like something out of a movie. And the wooden surrounds, look very traditional. But are clearly manufactured with modern, high tech techniques. But we’ll talk more on this wooden effect surround later.

Let’s turn around.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Saloon

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

So the full saloon here and we start to see some interesting layout decisions. The central part of the saloon looks and feels almost like a top quality restaurant or an incredibly beautiful home. Again it feels intimate and social. But not for a huge party. It’s for entertaining a small, carefully chosen, select company of friends or colleagues.

It’s quite formal and yet quite relaxed at the same time. As if the owner want to finally enjoy the finest things in life. They want the super yacht lifestyle without the super yacht price tag.

But there are more tricks in this saloon. Take a loot at the image above again, then quickly move to the next image.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Saloon doors Closed

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

Did you spot the difference?

Before we could see the helm position, at the far end and on the right. But now there is a door that is closed and to its left there is a screen pulled down. This isolates the saloon completely from the forward part of this deck. But why? There is a secret and I will tell you in a moment. But first some clues.

This is a 66 foot yacht and normally these are the family size of yachts. Often the galley is on the main deck in these family yachts. So mother, father and children can all chat whilst food and drinks are being prepared. But there is no galley here.

This is more like an expensive, exclusive restaurant. A top quality establishment, where the owners wants to be treated like king or queens. Again super yacht service and style without the huge, complex yacht and huge accompanying price tag.

Now traditionally on this size of yacht the stairs going down, would be between the helm position and adjacent seating. But what if I told you the stairs on this yacht, are right behind that piece of furniture with the vases on. To the right, behind the sofa.

Odd right? So what on earth is going on with this layout? Well let’s head down there to the top of the stairs.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Saloon Looking Aft

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

Here we can have a quick look back at the saloon seating and that beautiful table set for fine dining, for six. Champagne ice-cream probably for desert. Right to left of this image and in front of that beautiful piece of furniture is the staircase.

But take note of the dark wood border at the top of the room. Does it remind you of anything? Anything traditional again? It’s almost like they are wooden beams isn’t it? Am I really being tricked into thinking this is a traditional Italian farm house? The Italians are masters at interior design so I wouldn’t put it past them. But I am definitely getting a traditional vibe from this saloon, but also with a big modern twist obviously.

So finally, what is behind the door and blind we saw earlier?

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Cockpit and Galley

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

Well look at this. The galley is on the main deck. But right at the front and directly opposite the helm position. And look the galley and helm actually have their own side door behind that wall we saw at the back of the saloon.

So someone could arrive, prepare a meal, serve a meal, tidy up and leave incredibly discretely on this yacht. As a result, hardly ever entering into the main saloon. Now that is very clever design. And gives this 66 foot yacht and real super yacht feel.

And that’s almost the plot finally revealing itself.

This yacht seems to be for an intimate family or group of friends, who hold traditional values dear. But enjoy the modernity of yachting. Much like our Champagne ice-cream. They want the super yacht values but in an more intimate surroundings. They want to the super yacht lifestyle, the Champagne ice-cream. But want to enjoy someone else making it for them.

Owning this yacht would be like having your own personal bespoke 5 star restaurant. But only for you and your closest friends and family.

Let’s not disturb the chef preparing our first class meal, and go down the stairs in the main saloon.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Bow Cabin

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

The bow cabin is effortless classy. But again, more on the traditional end of the scale. That fine wooden thick border above, again really, is that styled to look like a..?  Anyway this cabin definitely makes me think traditional things. And that beautiful leather tan headboard. The lighter bedding raises the tones slightly. But this is a cabin for gentleman. Or at least someone who truly values a gentleman’s qualities.

Let’s more along to the master stateroom.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Master Stateroom

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

Oh come on! That’s a beam isn’t it? A modern, high tech, super beam on a modern mini super yacht!

What a stateroom this is. It has real distinct character doesn’t it? And as I am typing this I am thinking of beautiful old Italian villas and the wooden beams in them. My father used to live in a beautiful old English house that was full of amazing beams that had loads of character. And his master bedroom in that house had a huge oak beam right above the bed, almost exactly like this image.

I can’t believe for a moment that, thus is just a coincidence. The Italians are too clever for that. So we are left to believe that, much like the exterior colouring and my Champagne flavoured ice-cream metaphor; even in the master stateroom, we have a wonderful mix of traditional styling with a modern twist.

Not everyone who wants to buy into the yacht lifestyle. Will want a machine that looks like it has just landed from another planet. And the reality is, if you want that, there are plenty of models to choose from. Some will want a more comfortable, high quality, traditional take on yachting. Like the Orient Express on water.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Stateroom furniture

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

And so it is this high quality, bespoke lifestyle type of yachting that Azimut has delivered so incredibly well here. The fine details. The leather work on the front of the furniture. The dark picture frame surround to the windows and the bookcases. Even the bedside lamps have a timeless traditional quality to them.

I would talk about that back wall texture looking like painted bricks, but that’s probably a metaphor too far.

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design Bathroom and Seating

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

The bathroom is absolutely stunning. Simple elegance, executed beautifully. But look again in the master stateroom and look at the table you get there. Most yachts would have a complicated, completely fitted seating area. Here we get a very comfortable looking seat and a table with legs. It’s definitely closer to country estate, than super yacht.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Twin Cabin Details

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

The twin cabin again. Just feels so traditionally comfortable. The wooden beam effect running through here too. Half squint your eyes and you could be anywhere, but on a yacht. The details are simple yet effective.

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Bathroom and Saloon table

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

And so finally we come back to that wonderfully clever and intimate, private restaurant saloon for a few. And look at this table with the fun lighting above. Sitting here and looking out the window, whilst chatting with friends would be the ultimate dream come true. Maybe the plot of the movie was a love story as I have fallen for this yacht.

Maybe it was a thriller or a drama? Whatever story you end up telling, there can be no better setting to place your story in. Just make sure there is nothing in my Champagne ice-cream. I don’t want this movie to be an Agatha Christie “who done it?”

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Layouts

Azimut Megellano 66 Interior Design 2017 Plans

Azimut Magellano 66 Interior Design 2017

One last look at the layouts above. And in the first diagram you can see the layout of that clever galley position. With the galley and helm forward and accessed by their own door on the port side. And also with the stairs leading down from inside the saloon. There is no reason to ever go past that door at the front of the saloon.

This really appeals to me. If you want staff but don’t like the idea of a super yacht, this really is a neat solution. I love the idea of staff, but I would like them to be discrete. And many yachts really don’t cater for this. Here Azimut have really given you a chance to have a traditional lifestyle of leisure, with a modern twist. Serviced by wonderful staff, who are always discrete.

Now I am off to have my own Champagne ice-cream, in my own private restaurant, on my own private yacht, in my own private fantasy.

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