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Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

So today we are looking at the Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style. And what do you think of that colour? That champagne colour reminds me of big cars from the 70s. It was a very premium colour back then and it seems to have taken a whole number of decades to come back round to looking smart again.

And I have to say, on this yacht, I think it looks amazing. Don’t believe me. Well just imagine the image below with the boat all in white. It wouldn’t look half as impressive would it?

I really like the proportions of this yacht. It is a very pretty thing, but has a little edge about the looks. That front port hole does look like an eye and that window detail. Be careful to fall in the water near this yacht. It may turn around and eat you up.

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Exterior

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

I always chuckle a little when I see models posing on the front of these incredibly powerful machines. Especially when they are moving at full speed. And he’s even turning. Their buttocks must be clenching that fine Italian upholstery, like there is no tomorrow.

Is it just me or does he look a little too excited? In reality this is like sitting on the bonnet (or hood for Americans) of your Ferrari. Whilst it is doing 70mph down the motorway and then turning at the same time. Scary!

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Overhead Shot

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

Well it looks like the models have been flung off into the ocean. But not to worry, at least from this angle we can see the Azimut 66’s beautiful lines. Of note here is the bow, that has a clever sidestep before it curves down the length of the hull. This gives you a little more space on the foredeck. Also I can’t tell if that side walkways decking is actually treated a different colour. Or if the decking in this image is just wet. I hope it is treated differently, because it looks very smart and is a nice design touch. And Italians have an expert design touch.

Make note here of the huge flybridge. I think it is particularly successful on this yacht. So let’s start there.

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Flybridge Cockpit

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Flybridge Seating

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

Looking from the very front of the flybridge we can see the seating is broken up nicely and seems to go on and on. And take a mental note of the melon vase flower type thing. Because that table and seating is not even the end of the flybridge seating.

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Flybridge Aft

Look there is the melon vase thing and we are all the way further aft of the yacht. My goodness you could have a party up here. And that is what this yacht feels like. It does feel a bit like an executive party yacht. “Let’s get those deals done, then move on to the cocktails.”

I really like that everyone is moving to fabric outside instead of the leather. I’m sure it won’t wear as well, and I’m not sure what you do if it rains. But it just looks so lovely and inviting. If you have ever had leather in your car, you will know it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

I wonder how much customer bottom research had to be done, before the designers just said; “Heck, let’s get rid of the leather and let’s just find some really nice fabrics.”

PS that glass bowls going in the drink!

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Flybridge Looking Back

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

So we have comfy fabrics and amazingly comfy looking seats. But look at the arrangement here. Clearly this boat is to be positioned in a glamorous marina. This is the perfect viewing point to look down on people walking past. Its a great social design. Elegant but smart but relaxed. It is a very laid out like a viewing point. But it’s still casual but formal at the same time.

Again, that open end to the flybridge is just for saying hey to your model friends walking down the marina. This is a party yacht isn’t it?

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Aft Deck Seating

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

The seating continues here. There is loads of seating on this yacht. And lots of walkways for mingling, as if you were at a… party, oh! I like how they finished the ceiling above this aft seating. I really like the grey accent inlay. It’s smart, like a beautiful grey Italian suit.

Let’s take those flowers and go into the saloon.

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Saloon looking back

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

So now we are in the saloon and look at that Champagne fridge that matched the Champagne coloured hull. This drinks cabinet at the centre of things almost suggests this would be a great yacht for a… party! Are we seeing a theme yet?

The shiny ochre orange scatter cushions add real zing to the scene. Like a slice of orange in a summer cocktail. And these classy, suede seats would be so soft and warm to sit on. Great for getting intimate with your loved one or even maybe a new found friend.

Have you noticed how each seating “zone” is cleverly positioned to almost feel individual and slightly disconnected from the next. I’m sure you could easily find a lovely place to have a private conversation on this yacht.

Will you move those flowers and that bottle onto the top level of that table please?

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Saloon looking forward

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

So now we are looking forward from the back of the saloon and isn’t it a really great space? Where is the wood on the floor? No, take your shoes off and make yourself feel comfortable, would you like another drink?

The light carpets and furniture are so beautiful and relaxing. Very sophisticated and really give this saloon the wow factor. All your guest will be impressed. The Italians have even thought about those who have had a few too many fizzies and added in the black steps. Look at them, they look fantastic don’t they. That strong colour border that travels around above the sofas. Very smart and very impressive.

But just as you mellow into the beautiful surroundings of this saloon, your Margarita kicks in and wow, is that a dolphin or a shark in the background?

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Shark Fin Window

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

That window styling is amazing isn’t it. I can’t really think of any practical application for such a shape to exist slap-bang in the middle of the saloon window. It’s almost as if the Italian designers are having a bit of fun. It’s almost as if they want us to have fun with their design. Like they want you to enjoy their yacht and have a party every night.

But sadly there is one thing they have missed. A great party venue would have one thing above all else. Maybe I’ve got the theme of the boat completely wrong. Maybe this yacht is not about having partys.

Because the thing every great party yacht would need. The thing that is the hub of the party. Yes every great party needs a great bar, and unfortunately the Azimut 66 Yacht does not have one.

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Galley Details

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style


Chuckle. Look at this! Those two bar stools there could seal million pound deals. What a great yacht this is.

The galley is situated forward of the saloon, opposite the last seating we saw. I always thought this was the most awkward space for a galley on a yacht. But not here. I am totally on-board and what an absolutely fantastic implementation.

The Italians are masters of design, but this is something else. “Let’s not make this space feel awkward, let’s make it a feature. Heck, let’s make it THE feature”. Although I’m pretty sure Italian don’t say “heck”, I’m sure the conversation went something like that. What you can’t see from the image very clearly, is that you can stand behind the bar on the right obviously. Where the bar stools are. But you can stand behind the piece of the left too. Where the hand rail is.

I’ll show you later on the plans.

And yes you already know what this means. Yes you don’t get just one Champagne bar, but you get two. Chuckle. And if you simply can’t wait, there is another fridge right there. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a fridge under your pillow in the master stateroom.

But at some point all the Champagne is going to finally catch up with you and your guests.

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Bow Cabin

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

So here we are in the bow cabin and wow. I’m struggling to find any fault at all. It’s a very neat interior. I love the wall finishes. The horizontal striped effect going down, making the space feel wider. The lightly reflective surfaces throwing light around. But note that dark backboard pulling you deeper into the cabin. The dressing is very pretty and really adds that after-party feel.

A little nightcap on the side there. You thought that was water didn’t you. It’s probably vodka.

The over-head suspended marble effect ceiling, really adding class and straightening out the lines of the most difficult cabin on the boat. But why the shorter headboard? Usually you get a full focal headboard in the bow cabin.

It works very well. It makes the cabin feel wider. And the fill-in lights above, add texture and drama to the business end of the bed. But the shorter headboard and lamps. It’s almost like there is a reason for this. But I don’t know if one yacht can actually take any more incredibly design elements can it?

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Stateroom

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

Oh baby IT CAN! How about side-facing master stateroom? What? This is very unconventional. So there is the matching headboard. And now we know why it is shorter than usual. Because there is a window above it in the master stateroom. I thought about this for a long time. Is this a better solution to the usual positioning of the bed on the centre line of the yacht?

But look at that image. It looks amazing doesn’t it. On the left you can see the shape of the hull coming down. But that is mostly hidden under the bed, which actually makes perfect sense. And look at the space around the foot of the bed, it’s ridiculous. I know we have the galley (oh sorry, bar) upstairs, which gives us more space downstairs. But this yacht still has four cabins to fit in.

We need to look at these plans in a moment and see what’s going on.

I can tell you to the left of this image is the bathroom, which has another surprise. Yes really. But let’s turn around and see what is opposite, at the foot of the bed.

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Stateroom Seating

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

On the other side of the yacht, opposite the foot of the bed is some very classy seating. As if this yacht doesn’t have enough places to sit and have an intimate conversation. But look at this space. That fabric instantly makes you want to sit down. But I would, with some trepidation as it looks ridiculously expensive. See how the seat backs go over the seat cushions. That is a designer and upholsterer showing off. Subtle, maybe only a few would notice, but it’s there and it looks fantastic.

I really like the addition of a small table here. And actually it perfectly compliments the position of the TV; That folds out in any direction. Sometimes you need to step away from the party and send that quick email or sign that million pound contract. It’s just a nice, smart space to have a quiet moment alone. But it’s not too formal.

This yacht and this seating is going to remind you; your life here is about having fun. Work can wait. But the small table is a very nice touch.

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Stateroom Bathroom

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

So what about the bathroom that was to the left of the bed. So in this image above. To the right of us and through a door is the master stateroom cabin. So look at this. Here we have a bidet and a toilet side by side. And to the left of them at 90 degrees the sink and to the left of that is the shower. But think of the floor space.

This bathroom is impressively big. And with the darker woods lower down and light reflective surfaces along with the mirrors at the same height as the window. This bathroom feels both cosy, smart and intimate. But also very airy and classically sophisticated.

Often when the sinks are facing the side of the yacht, the cupboards under them are just hiding the curve of the hull. And are practically useless. I imagine here, there actually is a cupboard under this sink. Wow you could cram all sorts of booze under there.

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Bunk Cabin and Bathroom

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Twin Cabin

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

Your guests have lots of lovely places to lay their weary heads. And it’s looking at all these amazing images that finally make you realise why yachts are so expensive. The inspiration of the management and the creativity of the designers take time, and is therefore costly. And this is before any part of a yacht is even started. Then you add in all the craftsmanship, materials and technology and a yacht is the ultimate in luxury.

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Cockpit

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style Plans and Layouts

Azimut 66 Yacht Interior Design Italian Style

So finally let us look at these plans. Firstly I wanted you to look at the top image and make a note of the flybridge layout. It’s not pictured, that great back flybridge seating. That’s open so you can look out over the marina. But you can clearly see all the space. Drop down to the next plan and you can see the galley at the top. See how it hooks on both sides. Those uber-cool bar stools on the right side and the serving top on the left. This is a great application of a forward galley in a saloon.

Then drop down to the bottom plan. See the side-ways master stateroom and look at the space at the bottom of the bed before you come to that cool little seating area with the table. There’s loads of it. Maybe this is supposed to be your very own dance floor. And finally that bathroom to the left of the bed. It’s really well proportioned and larger than most.

We didn’t get an image of the crew cabins. But the plans shows that even they look bigger than they should be on a boat this size.

So in conclusion, this is a very creative boat, that is beautiful to look at and would be amazing to own. Like a fine Champagne, this beautiful yacht would only get better with age. And if you are considering buying one, please, let me come and help you with your first party. I’m sure it will be a night to remember.

Another wonderful yacht from Azimut Yachts. Learn more about it from there website here.




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