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Aston Martin Yacht AM37 “Pussy Galore” Not Included

Aston Martin Yacht AM37 Shaken But Not Stirred.

So I promise this is not going to be a full of James Bond references. But as Aston Martin make their first fray into the world of yachts with the Aston Martin Yacht AM37. The results do question whether Mr Bond and his lifestyle, was more than just a passing inspiration.

Firstly, credit must go to Quintessence Yachts, who applied for the license to use the Aston Martin brand. And in return promised to provide back the license to thrill with this yacht that that is both stunning, but sublimely powerful. Perfectly in keeping with the classic car maker’s own marque.

But there is one key statistic that will make you drop your Martini. When you first start looking at the approximately £1.5 million yacht. The fact is, whatever you decide to do. Whether you go looking for shells, or just go looking. You are going to get their faster than pretty much everyone else.

Aston Martin Yacht Cockpit looking down

Aston Martin Yacht electric roof

Aston Martin Yacht Exterior

Aston Martin Yacht

But of course, this is a plenty o’toole. With 2 x 520hp petrol engines, that can get you close to 50 knots. Otherwise know as ‘ludicrous speed’. It’s at this point the yacht turns into a bit of a villain. And as your hand is on that fully open throttle, you are left speechless at the sheer terror of the speed. “You expect me to talk?” “No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!”.

Aston Martin Yacht Bow Tip

Aston Martin Yacht Logo On Side

Aston Martin Yacht

Furthermore, looking at the fit and finish, Quintessence Yachts have simply done the brand proud. It is a beautiful thing to look at. I just love the colour. It’s not royal blue, its not slate blue, its a mix somewhere in between. And in fact the colour reminds me exactly of an Aston Martin Vantage V8 my father nearly bought in the 90s. Without a doubt this is an Aston Martin signature colour.

That car was brutishly big, powerful and damn sexy and the first Aston Martin Yacht AM37 feels exactly the same.

Aston Martin Yacht Steering wheel

Aston Martin Yacht Cockpit from side

Aston Martin Yacht

The details are beautiful and, of course, echo the magnificent cars. The right shade of brown leather used cleverly to accent key areas. Compliments perfectly the blue hue and tone of the hull. Exposed carbon fibre brings visual texture, lifting the cockpit area. The gadgets are all here, but are surrounded by traditional class. The cockpit is a nice place to sit, whether you are old-school or new-school.

A beautifully crafted leather grab handle sums this yacht up perfectly. Something so simple says it all. On most yachts this would be a chromed grab rail leading into the cabin. But here it comes from a leather craftsman’s workshop. Like a beautifully made pair of bespoke leather shoes. It is certainly a thing of beauty and positioned in such a way as to be enjoyed and admired. Clearly a more traditional solution to supporting yourself as you move through the yacht.

But then ironically, it is bolted to the exposed carbon fibre cockpit surround. The most high tech construction material known to man. This juxtapose of materials is wonderful. And demonstrates a beautiful wry smile from the designers about the ethos behind the build.

Aston Martin Yacht Cockpit Lights

Aston Martin Yacht Cockpit details

Aston Martin Yacht

The cockpit comes alive at night. Changing the mood of the yacht entirely. An electric glass roof and anchor both seem to come out of nowhere when needed. And then gracefully disappear when not.

“Ejector seat, your joking?” No, unfortunately, it’s not on the optional extras list.

Aston Martin Yacht Interior Galley

Aston Martin Yacht cabin table

Aston Martin Yacht Logo on table

Aston Martin Yacht

Inside is beautiful and neat with a classy use of super high gloss, tiger wood making your mouth water. The port side has a galley. And ahead is a huge screen to track villains, whilst you drop the table and convert it into a cabin. For those moments when you need to “keep the British end up sir”.

Aston Martin Yacht main deck

Aston Martin Yacht

Quintessence Yachts with their Aston Martin license, have created something special here. A real head-turner that’s a neck-breaker too. I’m not sure exactly what you will be doing that requires you to be yachting around so fast. But when someone you’ve just beaten to that great mooring outside the Casino, asks you, “Do you lose as gracefully as you win?”. You will truly be able to say “I don’t know, I’ve never lost!”.

So whether you are a secret agent or a licensed troubleshooter. Or a bond villain who only drinks his Dom Perignon ’53 at exactly 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Then please take a look at the Aston Martin Yacht AM37, if you really want to impress.

But “Just take care of the equipment, Bond. There are one or two rather special accessories.”

I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep that promise.

You can find more about the Aston Martin Yacht on Quintessence Yacht’s website.




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