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Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

Writing a post about the Arcadia 85 Yacht interior design has been on my list for a while. And I have finally bumped it to the front of the queue. I find myself staring at the pictures below and actually finally understanding why this is such a clever concept. And possibly the future of yachting altogether.

There is a yacht on our main site that has just under 8000hp. Now think about that. That is a colossal amount of power. But a big yacht needs a lot of power to push it through the water. And if you want to push a big yacht fast, you need more powwwwwaaaaaaa.

But then filling it with diesel is going to cost you tens of thousands each time. And then you use a lot of that power dragging around the heavy fuel. So it’s a bit of an odd concept. But not really one of much concern, if you can actually afford to buy a yacht in the first place.

But there is the whole ecology and pollution question.

One reason you might buy a yacht, is so you can go exploring those absolutely stunning places, most people can’t get too. Is it quite the same if power into that quiet, secluded cove, in a huge cloud of diesel fumes?

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Exterior

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Solar Panels

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

So the Italian Arcadia 85 Yacht is designed from a more “environmentally responsible” point of view. This is a good sized yacht at 85 feet or 26 metres, but only has 2 x 730hp engines. In the world of yachts, these are small engines. But this has a number of benefits and really only one negative.

The benefits include space-saving. These engines take up much less space, meaning more space for cabins. The knock on benefits include smaller fuel tanks, meaning more space. A lighter yacht and smaller engines also means more fuel efficiency, meaning better miles per gallon. Furthermore less emissions, means it’s better for that beautiful environment you are travelling to go and see.

Of course the one downside is speed. You are not going to get to that beautiful sunbathing spot faster than else. But what do you really want your yachting lifestyle to be like? And who knows, travelling at a more relaxing pace, you may spot something wonderful. Something that everyone else is just powering straight past.

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Exterior Designs

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

But the Arcadia 85 yacht goes one step further. It’s unusual top deck design, belies its true purpose. And the purpose that makes this yacht very special.

In the real world of yachting. You have to run your generators frequently. These charge banks of batteries, that in turn power all the electrics. These generators run off diesel. Which does seem like rather an old-fashioned way to charge batteries, when it’s likely your yacht is sitting in glorious sunshine for most of its life.

So the clever Italians covered the roof of the Arcadia 85 with dozens of solar panels. And this is the reason for the more unconventional looks of the Arcadia 85.

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

But I have to say, once I knew Arcadia were seriously interested in pushing yacht design to a more modern era. And it wasn’t just all marketing talk. I really started to fall for this yacht. The fact this yacht will likely save you a fortune in running costs. Then also the clever hull giving you loads more space. And then the amazing interior design. Wow, before I thought this yacht was actually very striking looking and impressive. Now I really think it is something special.

Without a doubt the Italians are sublime with their beautiful engineering and design. And the Arcadia 85 yacht is no exception. Did you know it can even do 8 knots on electricity alone. That is mind blowing. There is no statistic as to how far you can go, mind you. But even if it were 100 metres, that would a massive benefit on its own.

Heck, if the hull stabilisation works off the solar power, then this is a very, very clever piece of engineering. Using the power from one bit of mother nature to correct the swaying from another bit, is actually quite poetic. Well done the Italians.

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Aft Deck

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

Clearly the Arcadia 85 yacht is an engineering marvel and this is likely what everyone will focus on. But we like looking at the interiors, and there are some clever ideas here too.

First look at the image above. Now replace that shiny black column with bricks. Replace the decking with old flag stones. And the shiny white ceiling with a beautiful rustic pergola covered in grape vines and where are you? Clever interior design is about creating moods or special environments without the need for fuss, clutter or confusion.

The Italians are masters at this and sitting at the back of this yacht would be like sitting in the most amazing villa. With the most amazing, ever-changing view.

Apart from the high-tech modern materials, there is little in your eye-line suggesting “yacht”. And that is a clever design trick.

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Aft Deck Dressed

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

Here we see the same scene dressed. And now you can clearly see my Italian villa metaphor. It looks amazing doesn’t it. And with that sun beating down on your solar panels and not on your head; a cool breeze on your neck and I imagine the photographer took his time with this photo. And really enjoyed the moment.

Remember this is an 85 foot yacht, but look at all the space. Is there something we are missing?

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Saloon

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

Well there is. When you get to the bottom of this post, you will see the Arcadia 85’s plans and layouts. But you will also probably notice a bulge. Most yachts make their bow curve and then travel straight down the sides. But this bella signora has sexy hips and this is good news for us. Inside there is more space than the usual 85 foot yacht model would offer.

So here in the saloon, we can see how those solar panels look from underneath. I really like this design. The fact remains if you want the huge benefits that solar panels can offer; then usually there is going to be a trade-off somewhere.

But here rather than trying to hide the solar panels, the Italians have actually made them into a feature. Styled to look like lattice work on some beautiful garden structure. They let through dappled light that casts artistic shadows across the saloon. Clever glass technology avoids the saloon from over-heating.

Simple, but beautiful Italian style, makes this space so inviting to sit in and apt for any occasion. This could easily be a family yacht or a corporate yacht for entertaining. Or something in between. Many layouts and styling options, give you more choice than you might usually have.

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Saloon Shade

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

Above I love the lamps. Correctly proportioned and bold, they would struggle to work in any other saloon on a yacht this size. But here, the space can take them. Here the windows are prominent. Tinted black, so you can see out but nosy people can’t see in. There can’t be another saloon bathed in so much natural light. It’s an amazing space that I want to be in.

Behind that wall is actually the galley and an upstairs toilet. How cool is that? But take a note of the steps on the left-hand side, as we go to the next image.

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Open Saloon

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

This is an alternate layout for the same space as the previous image. And doesn’t it have the “wow” effect? The walls to the galley have been removed and opened up and the space feels less formal. The seating looks like it would give you a big Italian hug. And the choice of colours and tones is very sophisticated. Whilst the textures in the cushions and the carpet makes the space feel very modern-homely.

I actually think the mix of smart, relaxing and classy furniture, all surrounded by this super high-tech, tall solar panel ceiling; is something that is mind blowing. The photographer has done an amazing job to capture this scene in the evening. The lighting and the high-gloss wall finishes really make this space look fantastic.

That angled structural piece, accented with shiny metal strips is so cool. Like a huge work of art. But if you look to the left of it, the taupe piece sticking out is actually where the stairs go down to the lower deck.

On an Italian yacht, even the staircases are amazing.

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Double Cabin

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

With the galley upstairs, obviously you would expect an extra cabin downstairs. But the Arcadia 85 yacht has four cabins and two crew cabins. So you had better keep working on making that large Italian style family.

And no better place to do that, than in the master stateroom. Sorry. Chuckle!

But the cabin above is NOT actually the master stateroom! I bet you thought it was. It’s actually the bow cabin. But not really a bow cabin as you have the crew cabins ahead of you on the yacht. But this does mean your favourite guests gets a full width stateroom with a lovely wide, head wall. Rather than the pointy effect you usually get in a bow cabin. It is very classy and with just the right amount of wood and mirror work making this a very smart place to sleep.

That beautiful wavy headboard, bookmarked by those soft-glow designer lamps; is a nice reminder that we are actually on a yacht and not in a modern Italian villa.

How much must that carpet have cost. It looks so deep you might loose your foot in it.

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Master Cabin

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

And so finally to the master stateroom. And what a great big space. As far as we can see there is no compromise on a flat floor either. Mmnn I wonder why? Clearly any yacht is very curvy in all directions. So to achieve what looks like a perfectly proportioned, flat floored room is a testament to some very good hull design. And I said room on purpose, instead of cabin. Because that’s what this feels like. This could so easily be a very expensive hotel suite in the an amazing hotel on the Italian Riviera.

But furthermore, you can take this hotel suite with you. When you cruise off down the coast in total silence, powered only by free solar energy.

So let’s look at the details. Again we need some clue we are at sea. Here the carpet clues us in, which I like. But then look at all the “floating” furniture. How cool is that? Seriously, that is clever design. And on a yacht. Amazing!

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

The sheer audacity to put a floating sideboard, floating sinks, floating bathroom cabinets; heck, even the bed looks like it’s floating. That is brilliant, I love it. I really like the idea of the designers, the engineers and the craftsmen all showing off together. They must have loved coming up with the floating furniture concept.

And then to top it all off. And to really let you know, on this yacht you have so much space you won’t know what to do with it. They throw in a beautiful lounge chair, a coffee table and how about a tall lamp? Oh and stick in a tall CD player rack system as well.

All this “stuff” looks amazing and fits the scene perfectly. But with all that fantastic seating upstairs, I’m not sure you would spend much time sitting here. Other than maybe to watch your lady do a cat-walk show, up and down in this huge cabin.

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design Layout

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design 3d Model

Arcadia 85 Yacht Interior Design

So in conclusion what do we think? Well, remember, I said I’d been stuck thinking about this yacht for a while. Well now I am thinking even more and I’m guessing that clever flat floor in the cabins is another benefit of “cruising” rather than “powering” around.

When you go fast through water, it’s like the water gets thicker. The faster you go, the thicker it gets. So the faster you want to go, the more power your yacht needs. Racing boats effectively go faster by flying over the water. Big yachts can’t fly.

So power yachts try to cut through the water with sharper, deeper v-shaped hulls. But this deep v is tricky to fit cabins into. I wonder if this yacht has a relatively flat bottom, because it does not need to go super fast.

And then that flat bottom would give you all the space.

Arcadia are an amazing company and I love looking at their yachts. I hope one day, they invite me down to drink an espresso on the back of this Arcadia 85 and enjoy its beautiful interior design. I’m sure it would be a wonderful experience.

Learn more about the Arcadia 85 and the ethos behind the company, from their website here.




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