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Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

So here we have the Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017. And what a yacht it is.

Let’s start by first telling you, this yacht has already won many awards. And having studied it for a while, I am already starting to understand why. At 50 feet long, it is some 15 to 20 foot shorter than many of the other yachts we have been looking at. But really, what compromise are you making for that huge difference in length? We will need to take a closer look at the Absolute 50 fly to really understand.

But make sure you read to the end because this yacht has a very clever twist in its tail. That really has impressed me. But we’ll get to that later.

First, let’s look at the exterior. And wow, isn’t it striking.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Exterior

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

I really don’t know where to begin. My eyes are really enjoying bouncing all over this clever yacht. So I suppose I’ll start at the top and work down. Remember this yacht is slightly shorter than what is widely regarded as the popular family bracket; the 66’s to 68’s. But look at the flybridge. Upon closer inspection of the plans, you get quite a considerable seating area upstairs. And a hard top. And look at all the seating on the bow, that really is fantastic.

I really like the line going along the hull just underneath the side window. Echoed on either side of the walkway. It’s smart. Then look at the saloon windows, and hull windows. They are very clever and beautifully styled aren’t they? Windows have all gone organic, but some work a lot better than others. Here I like the “jagged organic” windows or shall we call it “boxy organic”.

Obviously the bigger yachts actually have windows that are actually the shape of the organic hole. But that comes at a cost to hull integrity and therefore needs a lot of mechanical support around them to get the hull strength back.

But organic shaped windows look striking from a distance. So if you want that look without the extra costs improving your hull. What is the solution? We’ll take a closer look at the windows later. But Absolute yachts have a clever compromise design, that I think looks fantastic.

But let’s go back to the flybridge to start.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Exterior Flybridge Seating

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

The flybridge and aft seating is really good. This looks like a fantastic place to lounge. Loads of room. A nice quality finish on that big wrap around seating area. Big enough for a large family. There are no compromises here. It offers you everything you need from a flybridge. All the benefits, with really none of the downsides that you might expect from a smaller craft.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Stern

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

Here we can see the back of that flybridge seating. It is nicely positioned to get a good view of any action you are parked near. But look at the rear of the yacht. I say it looks very smart. I really like the simple chrome pillar supports and that interesting “boxy organic” crew cabin window and the clean edge to the drop down bathing platform at the back.

There is no denying it, this is a very nice looking yacht from any angle. It is very modern looking with this “boxy organic” element. Which I imagine is a lot harder to achieve than you might first expect.

A yacht needs to be curvy and smooth to move through the water. So trying to square up any angle really has the potential to look very odd. Some of those perfectly square windows on other hulls still look a bit odd to me.

But here Absolute yachts have really made it work. And made it work so well, it’s actually incredibly impressive. I dare say you may have to put on your best shirt before you turn up at a marina. The Absolute Fly 50 is so good looking, you will likely turn everyone’s heads away from the super yachts.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Side

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

So here we can see a close up of the hull windows. And obviously we can now clearly see that the “boxy organic” shape is not the window, but just painted on, slightly indented surround. Absolute are not the first to do this. Disguise normal shaped windows in a more interesting coloured surround. But I really like the fact that Absolute yachts have been bold enough to not tint the window the same colour as the surround. Here we can clearly see the actual windows are sitting in the surround. On other yachts with windows like this, the glass would be black tinted and it would hard to see the window from the painted surround. Until you get inside of course.

I think the fact you can clearly see where the windows are, really adds an element of interest to this yachts exterior look. It’s a very clever design trick. So simple but so effective.

Again, now imagine the side of the yacht without the black surround of the windows. It wouldn’t be half as interesting would it?

While we’re here, look at that side saloon window. And the angles around it. Wow, that is cool isn’t it? Is that really one piece of glass? I really like the look of this yacht on the outside, but what about inside?

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Saloon

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

Well, let’s quickly march into the saloon and stand by the helm. The seating is great. We can see all the way through and to the aft deck seating or cockpit seating as the yacht companies like to call it. That’s the seating out the back, for the rest of us.

The dining area seating is great with more casual seating opposite. I really like the simple fabrics used and pale, bleach wood flooring. Tiger stripe wood on the table top and accenting the saloon around the border at the top. Then the border follows with a dark stripe, then cream. I really like it. it adds class and finishes the ceiling off nicely.

So just take a moment to look at this view, it’s very clean isn’t it?

But wait, there are a few question marks here. First, that big sideboard, down on the left. That is usually seating. I’m not complaining. We have lovely seating forward of the saloon on this smaller yacht. And storage on any yacht is always at a premium. But does it give us a little clue to more?

How about behind it? There is a mirror on the tall wardrobe looking piece of furniture. Well I can tell you this is actually hiding the stairs on the outside going to the flybridge. But then what is opposite all of this furniture on the other side?

If you look closely, towards the right of this shot, at the back, there is another mirror. It is actually reflecting the outside handrail we can see through the right side window. Remember that mirror.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Galley

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

So look at this galley. But where is this galley? Well the galley is actually in the saloon, behind that mirror. It’s like a magic trick isn’t it? See the frosted glass above. Those pieces of frosted glass actually slide all the way left and are hidden, behind that mirror we were looking at before. That mirror is on the backside of the centrepiece of this galley. Where those two glass bottles are. The mirror is behind there.

So we walked past the galley when we came in the saloon quickly before. But isn’t that a clever trick and even better design in a relatively small space.

See the back of the seating towards the right of the image above. Have a quick look at the next image and come BACK HERE. There is no denying it, the designers at Absolute yachts have created something very special here. This saloon galley is just lovely. It has everything you need and more and then when you are sitting and eating or just chatting. The galley has a magical ability to just disappear.

The striped wood veneer doors, with that black stripe above them. And then the cream worktops, perfectly matches the top of the saloon itself. And those little cabinets up high, they look amazing and so practical. I’d love this small kitchen in my home. It really feels modern, just like the outside of the yacht.

Very smart design, well done Absolute yachts.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Seating

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

So now we know where the magical galley is. Again it’s to the left of this seating area. We can move forward and go downstairs. Does this yacht have any more surprises, I wonder!

It does, keep reading.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Cockpit

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

The helm position is very smart. This yacht really does have a feeling of being bigger than it really is. And look at that, in addition, you even get a helm door, straight out onto the deck.

But let’s move down into the bow cabin.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Bow Cabin

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

And look at this. It’s fantastic isn’t it? The high quality fit and finish continues downstairs. As does the use of these amazing materials and the clever balance between the tiger stripe wood, the black stripe and the cream.

But the main feature is the windows. Again, just like from the exterior. It is actually highlighted that the windows are traditionally styled, but just have a black surround. I think they’re brilliant. Really striking from the inside, just as they were on the outside.

And they will still let in loads of light. I like how the hull shape is broken up with the cabin side furniture. A full length mirror is always appreciated and we can forgive the uneven floor, as remember this is a 50 foot yacht. I even like that there is no skylight. It just feels more cosy and comfortable.

It’s a great space isn’t it? Even the lighting looks incredibly complimentary.

OK, see those blinds tucked up above the windows, can you pull them down before we look in the bathroom. Thanks.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Bow Cabin Bathroom

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

Look to your right in the above image and you can see the bow cabin with the blinds drawn down now. Consequently, that outside light is now diffused and the space looks magical. Who wouldn’t want a lazy afternoon holiday nap right there?

Dear Absolute, please invite me to test out the quality of afternoon naps that can be achieved in your beautiful yachts.

The class continues in the guest bathroom. As does the design theme. It’s very smart.

But does the class continue through to the master stateroom?

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Master Cabin

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

Well, here we are. Those windows again, proud of how clever they are. And that smart, classy yet comfortable colour wave continues. This just looks like a nice place to be. The dimensions will be slightly smaller. But really, if this was your first experience owning a yacht. Or even your tenth. This yacht just effortlessly compliments you. It’s like it’s giving us a warm hug and welcoming us on-board.

It’s casual, but not too casual. You know this yacht feels and looks like some top quality, high class gadget. Like the latest smart phone or tablet. Incredibly well made, beautiful to look at, very functional, modern and cool. But also somehow familiar and very easy to get on with and incredible intuitive.

The amazing story continues in the master bathroom.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Master Cabin Bathroom

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

The colour palette used only slightly more boldly here. Let’s not go crazy. Thicker, bolder darker elements. Bring the bathroom to a space of more adult sophistication. On this yacht, the bathroom is quite a sexy space. Come on, a black shower cubicle. I bet only rock stars have back showers. Time to practise those high notes.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Twin Cabin

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

The twin is also the same story. I was sold three cabins ago. But I like how these twin rooms on modern yachts have gone more adult looking. This twin cabin is beautiful. Again the full length mirror and good storage. This yacht is definitely a real contender and I’m sure Absolute are already stealing customers looking at bigger yachts.

I can’t take any more of this cool, modern style and clever ideas. My head might explode. Thank goodness that is everything.

Or is it?

Take a look at this.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Crew Cabin

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

Wait what? I thought this yacht only had three cabins? Well it does, but it also has this “secret”.

When I first saw this, my jaw hit the floor and a thousand thoughts rushed through my head. First a quick note. On the plan the pillow is at the other end of the bed. So that odd box would not be in your face in the real world. The photographer has done that so we know it’s a bed. Bit that’s not the question your asking is it?

So you may have guessed what this space is. This is the crew cabin, on this 50 foot yacht. Yes, really!

But my first question was, why does it look so amazing and finished very similar to the main cabins? I mean this cabin is practically the full width of the yacht. The reality is that this is not like other crew cabins, because it looks really nice; and those windows there are great and the sink is very smart and… OK deep breaths.

So here are my thoughts. And please leave a comment, I want to hear your thoughts too.

If you have a large super yacht you need crew. There is no question. But on a large super yacht, crew can be very discrete. However, as yachts get smaller, it becomes a real question. Crew are very expensive and really become more intrusive.

Is this a crew cabin?

Now, forget all that for a second. When you design a yacht, the engines must sit quite centrally. They are a huge, heavy weights and to balance the yacht, they can really only be in one position. That position means you always have this odd space left over, aft of the engines. Yacht manufacturers always turn this into crew cabins, as a sales feature. Often you can have a garage, which really is more practical, if we are honest.

Furthermore, another questions is, do you plan to have crew or not? On this 50 foot yacht. So I have even spoken to people who have quite large yachts 70, 80 feet and still don’t have crew. So it really is personal preference. For some part of the dream of yachting is to get away from it all and all the people.

However, you are always left with this odd space behind the engines. So let me ask you a question. Look at the picture above again and come back. If you got invited on an adventure with some friends around the Mediterranean for a week. Would you really not want to stay in that aft cabin?

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Crew Cabin Entrance

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

That door on the left of the transom (or flat back end) is how you get in and look at the windows from the outside. They are so cool. If I got invited on a European adventure. I personally would love to stay in that cabin. It even has its own toilet and shower, if you look on the plans.

I think Absolute actually lists this space as something like “Specialist Crew” or “Occasional Guest” cabin. Whichever way, I think it is very clever. That space is practically dead and wasted on many yachts. But here the clever people at Absolute have really made it feel incredibly special. And I’m sure we will see more and more yachts follow this lead and start to make this dead space more and more inviting. As a result we now practically have four cabins on a 50 foot yacht. In conclusion this really is starting to look like a giant killer.

And this is possibly one of the main reasons this incredible yacht has won so many awards.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017 Plan and Layout

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly Interior Design 2017

I just love looking at the Absolute range of yachts. A very smart company with some very smart ideas. I can’t wait to write more about them and study more of their clever ideas.

But in conclusion, one thing is for sure. If your budget no longer stretches to one of the slightly bigger yachts, no longer do you have to compromise on anything.

Finally, this Absolute Yachts 50 Fly is a fantastic yacht and definitely one to go and look at before making that lifestyle change. Make sure you contact a dealer for a viewing and make sure you go into that amazing “occasional guest cabin” at the stern.

This really is a wonderful yacht. Learn more about Absolute Yachts from their website here.




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